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excellent! :) :):):):):):):):):):

I found every piece of furniture that was pink and tried to incorporate it into this room... so much PINK!!!! 

I should've added more lighting... the furniture looks black and gray.

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there was more to this room... I had a bedroom in it that is where the chair is. If you want to see the full version comment and say you want to see the bedroom. I will take a separate picture of it for you! -Michela

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wow...i need a vaca here

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thanks 4 the likes XD

thanks and ur welcome

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this picture did not load... the room was absolutely BEAUTIFUL with furniture, trust me

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there are 4 of da same person...

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wow, i need this to be meh houz

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What happens when it rains...

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lol da boats

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it is a rat shrine!!! so cool

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I need a vacation here!!

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he he E.T.

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Omg, speechless

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how do you make the scene??!!??!!

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Lol mustache

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this is SO amazing!! reminds me of Journey to the Lost Island...