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Omw, i literally loveee this room!! Its so boyish, but also suits reminds me of when i was dating a triplet, (i didn't know he was a triplet).... i came to his house one day and walked into his room and since i often stayed over i went and crawled under the sheets when he was sleeping...he woke up and turned around and started screaming, i screamed as well and then he yelled at me to get out, i was superrrr confused so i ran out and saw what i thought was the bf...i stared at him for a long time, when i finally clicked that he must've been a triplet...(He always talked about his brothers who were the same age, i just never asked, i just assumed his mum had kids close together)....So long story short his brother thought i was a stalker and the other one thought i was mute and creepy....we're all great friends now, and they're like brothers to me as well...Thanks for bring back the good memories....#goodtime #triplets #gfofatriplet #followme

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