texas suite living space - Country - Living room - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT
texas suite living space
relax rustic read  - Rustic - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT
relax rustic read
seafoam green - Modern - Kitchen - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT
seafoam green
_ blue for me and you_ - Classic - Living room - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT
_ blue for me and you_
graffiti art  bedroom - Modern - Bedroom - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT
graffiti art bedroom
red simplicity  - Modern - Bedroom - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT
red simplicity
kitchen 101 - Modern - Kitchen - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT
kitchen 101
grey living  - Modern - Dining room - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT
grey living
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Hey Abby!!!I like this design

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Remixed stage
stage - Modern - Bedroom - by NEVERQUITDESIGNIT


I love this Lydia! I am so sorry to hear that.....But things will get better!Love ya,Emaline

Commented on christmas time

Cool!I love your designs!! How old are you? I am 11, and you look like a kid! ( you can call me Emaline )- Emaline

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I love this!!:)

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Beautiful!!I love your designs....Keep up the good work!!( you can call me Emaline )- Emaline

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