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This is really clever.  Looks like something out of MOMA.

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Orionaute, this looks like a wonderful and fun place for our children to learn about our wonderful planet? Great job. Have been away for awhile but enjoying catching up on all your rooms.  I don't know you, really, but don't EVER change.  So much imagination and happiness!!!  The world could use more Orionaute's.

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Thanks Orionaute.  It's suppose to look like the "70's from when Rhoda moves back to NYC to her sister's apartment on the old Rhoda show (I'm old so you might not even know what I'm talking about) but they used funky colors back then, lol.

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Francis  - Classic - Living room  - by Patti58


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Very nice and clever. Looks so real.

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Wow! This is one of my favorite rooms ever. Reminds me of my favorite time of year, Autumn. Very nice.

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Very nice Theadora. Wouldn't mind working here.

Created Study 1
Study 1 - Classic - Living room  - by Patti58


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JerrBear  - Eclectic - Living room  - by Patti58


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Thank you, all of of you:)

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Really nice. Very clean and contemporary.

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Beautiful, Theadora. Love the layout.

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Wow, this looks great, like a black and white pic.