blue bedroom - Bedroom - by sarasepideh
blue bedroom
black room - Bedroom - by sarasepideh
black room
lux - Bathroom - by sarasepideh
black and white  - Bathroom - by sarasepideh
black and white
cafe and library - by sarasepideh
cafe and library
bright cafe - by sarasepideh
bright cafe
pink bedroom - Bedroom - by sarasepideh
pink bedroom
bar - by sarasepideh
orange room - Bedroom - by sarasepideh
orange room
bedroom - Bedroom - by sarasepideh
Italian interior design - Living room - by sarasepideh
Italian interior design
wooden kitchen - Kitchen - by sarasepideh
wooden kitchen
greenhouse coffee shop - by sarasepideh
greenhouse coffee shop
student hotel library - by sarasepideh
student hotel library
night sky - Living room - by sarasepideh
night sky
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Yeah I know that.After writting down the comment I realized that I have some works to do.But I think in summer I can do some perfect projects!

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I was wondering  if we could work together on a project on this site,such as the project that you had, "for conchy7"Is it possible?

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Wow!It's perfect...Just read the profile and I was surprised that I saw your encouraging comments on designs of mine.! thanks!Good work!


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Thanks russ! You're so kind to me.:)

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relaxing - by sarasepideh


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This is stunning Russ!