Urban Jungle Hallway - by Snowy Tiger
Urban Jungle Hallway
Zen - Living room - by Snowy Tiger
Surf Culture - by Snowy Tiger
Surf Culture
Playful office - Office - by Snowy Tiger
Playful office
Maximalist - Living room - by Snowy Tiger
wood - by Snowy Tiger
Paper Growth - Bathroom - by Snowy Tiger
Paper Growth
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I love this! :)

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Thank you Irene411! I know it might look like there is not much lavender, but I wanted to capture more of the serenity that the flower brings, rather than just putting purple paint on the wall and calling it good. Personally I didn't want to put a mural in  this time because I think it took away from the actual design. I added in the actual plant (to the right of the bath) and a lavender pillow behind it. I also used a lavender wall color on the right wall. The other parts of the design are white to capture the calm feel. I think the theme is portrayed very clearly in my eyes, and hopefully I could explain myself. Interior design isn't just about the theme, it's also about the feel of the room. :)

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Thank you so much Keliann! That means so much.   :)

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This lighting is stunning!