Commented on black or red

ok, it's looking nothing like i had in mind. It's not even showing the colours that i chose. I'm obvioulsy way too new at this to know how it all works but thanks for viewing anyway.

Likes SylviaAst
Commented on Floral Room*

Love the colour scheme. Just the right amount of shades of pink going on. Excellent.

Living room in its truest sense. I love whatever you have going on, on the wall behind the dining table. What is it?

very realistic living room. Like it alot.

Commented on Daily Telegraph 4a

Love the canopy daybed by the window. Perfect position for the peice. Very livable

An aboslute ideal reading, relaxing room. Love the warmth glow lighting. *

Commented on Room Marilyn

Very vibrant, very hip. Truly Marilyn fan dedicated bedroom. Well done.

Commented on nst bedroom

love the mirror lighting reflection on the floor. Very stylish indeed.

Commented on Arcadian bedroom

Absolute wow factor