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You are all so sweet!  Thanks so much!

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Northwest Low Midrange is a good wash of light but feels 2 dimensional, no depth.

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Northeast Low is good for the kitchen/dining, but not the stairs.

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The chrome Range Hood may be too bright with those settings.

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West Low is brighter than East, and Northwest low is even brighter.  

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Thanks so much!!  @The quiet designer:  Lol, mine too.  I can't see my three sons living here with me~~bulls in a china shop :)

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Much appreciation!

So scrumptiously rich and comfy!!

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Wowza!  Love those colors!

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"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul."~~Chopin

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Thanks so much for the Hearts, comments and Votes xoxo

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Congrats on 3rd in the Combined Living & Bedroom contest, Golia!  So fun and fresh!

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Congratulations on 2nd in the Combined Living & Bedroom room contest, Mandy!  What a clever, cool design!

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Janip, Congratulations on winning the Combined Living Room & Bedroom contest!  What a clever and adorable design!

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