Wisteria in Moonlight - Feminine - Bedroom - by starsector
Wisteria in Moonlight
charcoal and chalk - Feminine - Bedroom - by starsector
charcoal and chalk
grafikel - Vintage - by starsector
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scandi - Feminine - Kitchen - by starsector
Retreat - Rustic - Garden - by starsector
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shabby chic
shabby chique - Vintage - Bathroom - by starsector
shabby chique
Urban - Eclectic - Bedroom - by starsector

I understand the concern, but there's lots of ways to troll and attention seek.  For instance, people can attention seek by frequently posting about others attention seeking.  People can create drama, by frequently posting about others creating drama.  At the end of the day, one young person posting simple questions or comments is far preferable to the 'atmosphere' of the site then multitudes of inappropriate attacks against it.

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Great concept!!

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that's so cool, B!

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so beautiful!

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Very cool!

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Congratulations, Eva, so pretty!

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