The Mosque - by thefairysknight
The Mosque
Santorini_to the sea - Garden - by thefairysknight
Santorini_to the sea
The Couple - Modern - Garden - by thefairysknight
The Couple
Brazilian Beach House - by thefairysknight
Brazilian Beach House
Breeze of Autumn - Country - Living room - by thefairysknight
Breeze of Autumn
The Thai Hut - Bedroom - by thefairysknight
The Thai Hut
Asian Bath - Bathroom - by thefairysknight
Asian Bath
Marlon Gustavo Adapted - Bedroom - by thefairysknight
Marlon Gustavo Adapted
Comfort - Classic - Bedroom - by thefairysknight
The Pineapple House - Modern - Living room - by thefairysknight
The Pineapple House
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Very comfortable

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Thanks Roberta, meggle and marocco

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a skill of hours, an outcome of days (thumb up)

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How long do you often take to complete one design, Eva?

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This is terrifying, Eva!

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