Commented on I Love Iris Apfel

Hi, I love your room, i love all the details and the vintage look, I like that too! how did you get the city view out of the window? thanks

Commented on The Country Life

Hi, I love this it is amazing! I need to ask a question, how did you get the background scenery, I have been on this website for ages and look at these amazing designs and still can not work out how they get it?? thankyou :)

Commented on My happy home :)

I obviously think that this is 5 stars because I made, it so I hope you luv it too! :D

hi there, i love it, it all matches, i could never make that :) wow!!!! it is really good, when you are designing this how does the pans and things stay on the furniture?? when i do that, the objects do not show up??? help :)

Commented on Kitchen

Amazing, lovin the lay out and the colour chose, you are very creative

Commented on My posh house

Hi this is my room, and i hope you like it!!!! :)

Commented on posh house

in love this room :)