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The refrigerator is to the right of the oven, what's in the corner is a freezer. And yep, it's pretty useful that way (and been built in reality in the end).

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Mirror floor? mmm...I  like that(: great for observing what kind of underwear you're wearing(:OK. Frankly - a bad design, totally impractical. Where do I find The Dislike button?

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...and now let's actually drop the image and do some real design work. At first, I was like "wow! halogen lights, windows atop each other!! " and then I saw the rancid truth...

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Addition: as the chief of the OKH Franz Halder had put it about the 80cm cannon "Dora", "an extraordinary work of arts, but useless".(Halder Diary, vol. III, p. 333.) The ergonomy of the kitchen is doubtful, i.e. sink and the cooking panel straight to it - why not provide at least 30 cm space in between? You have 16 sq.m. to use, come on!(: An oven and a built-it refrigerator by each other - why? These 2 appliances should be separated by a 30-40 cm gap, that's just pure ergonomics. Then, so you finally want to cook something - how does the process look like? The user takes the food from the fridge and washes it (say, vegetables + poultry) that's 2 m to walk; turns, um... Where do I cut and slice the food? Ok, put the ladder away and make 3 steps left (1,5m), move the teapots more to the left, do the slicing and cutting, go back to the sink (assuming the trash can is there) and dispose of the cuts (+1,5m), get the vegetables in pans and go back to the cooking panel (1,5+3m)...the

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Beautiful, but can't be constructed in practice and is very energy-inefficient (windows too large).

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