Cozy Restaurant - by Valentinapenta
Cozy Restaurant
Home - by Valentinapenta
Bowie the Art Collector - by Valentinapenta
Bowie the Art Collector
Commented on Kids Zone

I've checked out your designs, and think you may want to make sure they're rendered before making then public.  

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Commented on Honey Im Home

Thanks, Mandy. 

Commented on House

Great idea using one of your designs as the wall art.  I'm going to try it.

Commented on Design 1618

Thank you.  I'm glad you like it. 

Commented on Poop of Life

Think it would have more impact if you didn't use the word "poop."    

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Commented on Loft

Ania, you have great style, and a creative imagination.  

Commented on fxg

Really good.

Commented on Design 1618

Thanks, Mandy.

Commented on Honey Im Home

Thank you.  Just trying to imitate real life through Roomstyler.

Commented on Lodge Life

Wonderful ambience. 

Great color palette, Russ.

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That divider is wonderful.