Living Room - by Vanessa_D
Living Room
Last Sunrays - by Vanessa_D
Last Sunrays
Sundown - by Vanessa_D
Attic bathroom - by Vanessa_D
Attic bathroom
Orange Blue Design - by Vanessa_D
Orange Blue Design
Pizza in Tuscany - by Vanessa_D
Pizza in Tuscany
Welcome to the Jungle - by Vanessa_D
Welcome to the Jungle
Home office - by Vanessa_D
Home office
Honeymoon Suite - Bedroom - by Vanessa_D
Honeymoon Suite
Victorian Bedroom  - Vintage - Bedroom - by Vanessa_D
Victorian Bedroom
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oh this is so beautiful! Especially your blue wood work - a perfect colour-match with the plants!

this is sooo beautiful Daisy! I wish I were now on holiday - there, in Santorini :-)

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this is soooo cool! your wall and mirror effect are fantastic!

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I love your choice of furniture! And so many great little details - this makes the room so cozy!

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