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Commented on kitchen w pool view

i absolutely love this room. i dont even know what to say about it just perfect.

Commented on Blooming Green

this room looks fresh. i would love to live in this room you would always feel so alert and fresh and ready for the day!!

this is so pretty... if only your family (and wallet) would let you redecorate at certain times of the year!! ha ha ha.

Commented on purple love

i love this room and colours. very calm, relaxing and feminine. xx

Commented on Chocolate.

i love the colours. very warm and welcoming. while still being exciting and exotic. very nice.

Created paradise
paradise - by xXx0georgia0xXx


Commented on Less is More - Save

i love the idea of the windows being the main focus of the room; joining it to the outdoors.

Commented on Teal Tete-a-Tete 3

i love this. its like a relaxing tropical hideaway. heavenly!