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Luxury Freestanding Bathtub

Taking a bath is truly relaxing. Create a minimalist bathroom where a freestanding bathtub is the eye-catcher of the room where you can enjoy luxury.

Big Windows Contest

Create a modern interior that has large floor to ceiling windows covering at least one wall.

Blue Lawyers Office

Blue, the color of the sky and the sea, the favorite color of many people, is associated with tranquility and peace. It is a color that represents the mind, intelligence and intellect. Blue is seen as the color of trust, clear communication and reliability. In a blue space, you become productive. Design an overwhelming blue space for one lawyer where he or she can receive clients, put them at ease and where work can be done.

The Royal Chandelier

A chandelier is a multi-armed lamp with a decorative function that is attached to the ceiling. Chandeliers were used hundreds of years ago, especially by the wealthy and in churches, palaces or large public halls. And today, chandeliers are still unimaginable. That is why many people often call the chandelier the king of pendant lights. They can be beautiful eye-catchers, not only illuminating the room, but also enriching the space. They can be found in many shapes, styles and sizes, ranging from a more traditional chic chandelier to a contemporary style. You'll often see it hung in the sitting area above the living room, but a chandelier also looks great above a large dining table, above your bed in the bedroom or in a hallway with a high ceiling. The lower the chandelier hangs, the more present it will be. Find the most beautiful chandelier you can find and create a perfect environment around it! Make sure the light sparkles☺ Have Fun!

Fancy Hotel Pool

Use the template to create a fancy hotel pool. Be as creative as you want, but do not change the camera angle or add any walls. You can change the floors, wallpaper and anything else! This should be a pool that you would see at a 5-star hotel! Nice and clean with room for everyone! Happy designing!

Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’ and is the over 3,000 year old Chinese philosophy that teaches how the environment can influence happiness. The goal of Feng Shui is to adjust our environment in such a way that a harmonious flow of energy is stimulated. This is especially more than welcome for bedrooms, where the right conditions can improve your sleep. How to create a Feng Shui bedroom? - Walls in neutral colors where cool and warm colors are alternated. - Floors preferably consist of wood. - Only use furniture and decorations made of natural and unpainted materials. - Make sure you do not place your bed in line with the door. - Place your bed with the head end against the wall, but make sure the sides are clear. Have fun!

Welcoming Hallway

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, making your hallway look welcoming is a key part of your house. It might sound like a challenge, and it is. Some tips: - A warm color spectrum definitely gives a welcoming atmosphere. - Consider the space you have for storage. - Do not forget a coat stand. - Add personal touches. - Create a surface to leave your everyday items. - If you have the space for it, create a place to sit. Contest Rules: ~ Please use the offered template. ~ Don't change the space itself, so leave walls, doors and windows as they are. ~ Don’t add walls, doors and windows either. ~ Changing the camera angle and placement is allowed. If you do not follow the contest rules there is a chance we might have to withdraw your entry. Feel free to change and add anything else to make this hallway welcoming to you and your vistors.

Travel Themed Living Room

We all love to travel, but in this time it’s not always possible. However you can keep enjoying your previous journeys by showing them in your interior. Create a living room that’s travel themed. For instance show souvenirs and photos.

Bauhaus coloured Studyroom

Color is a powerful tool that permits designers to influence mood and compose spaces. The foundation of our modern understanding of color is rooted in Bauhaus color theory. So that’s why we are going to play with the Bauhaus colours in this contest. Design a Bauhaus coloured studyroom is the task. Have fun with it!

Home is...

"I say that home is where there is a chair and a glass." Words by Graham Greene. What does your favorite room look like in which a chair and a glass star together?

Fun Gaming Room

Create a simple, fun, modern gaming room for multiple people. You can include beanbag chairs, consoles, accessories and more. Have fun!

Home Yoga Sanctuary

Design a place at home where you can practice yoga or meditation. In addition to having enough space for your yoga mat and doing your exercises, it's also important that there is peace and quiet. A place where you are not distracted by housemates, noise or clutter. Where there is room for attention, nature and beauty. We wish you a lot of inspiration and fun!

Books in your interior

"A home without books, is a body without soul" according to Cicero. What do books mean to you? Do they have a central place in your interior or do you think they are just dust collectors? Do you arrange your books by color or by subject? Do you have a special way of storing them? And what does your ideal reading place look like? Show it in the design you are about to make. Have fun with it!

Arty Toilet Room

This is the first time we are going to design the smallest room in the house; the toilet. Contest Rules ~ Please use the offered template. ~ Don't change the space itself, so leave walls and doors as they are. ~ Don't change the camera angle and placement. If you do not follow the contest rules, your entry may have to be withdrawn. There must be a toilet and beyond that it is up to you to give it an Arty twist.

Spring Sun Space

Spring, a special time. The sun shines more often, the trees slowly start to show some green. It’s inviting to go outside... And then, it’s a pity sometimes that the sun is not yet warm enough to just sit still. Everyone knows that if you can find a spot behind the glass, it will soon be pleasant. This picture reminds me of that. In this contest we are looking for a lovely room with plenty of glass where you can catch the sun, with a cup of tea, a friend or your laptop because you have to work. What does your favorite sun room look like? What furniture is in it, what accessories do we need? Let the sun shine!