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Black and round home

Design a living room with mainly black and round shaped items.

Hi-fi room

Design a comfortable room where you can relax and enjoy music and / or watch movies with high audio quality.

Chandelier and Dining table

Design a beautiful dining room where special attention is put in the combination of a chandelier and dining table.

Alberto's Room contest

As many of you may have noticed, Alberto has been missing for the last couple of months. Fortunately, the investigation held by his number 1 fan has resulted in his safe return and he is now back in business. For this contest you are designing a room with Alberto as the main star.

Asian zen living room

Asian Zen interior design is a style that focuses on emphasizing a sense of harmony, balance, tranquility, and simplicity in your home. It draws inspiration from both the concept of Zen and the importance of incorporating nature into your décor, often found in Asian homes. For this contest you are designing a livingroom.

Pops of color

Pops of color are always popular in interior design trends, but they’re getting smaller and smaller. Think wallpapers with small, bright patterns, and carry this through into soft furnishings like curtains and cushions. Painting chair legs with different contrasting colors is a great way to sneak in a bold statement (and a great summer design trend!). Even better, it’s something you can do yourself if you’re into DIY and want to get stuck into your own interior design. For this contest you can design whatever room you want as long as you keep the contestidea in mind.

Pineapple office

Design an office space inspired on the colours of pineappels.

natural livingroom

Using natural fibers in interior design never gets old. They are back big time and one of our top summer interior design ideas. We’re using natural fibers in more interesting ways than we ever did before and there are so many pieces that’ll bring the natural look into your home. They’re great for adding texture to your design and are an excellent talking point. Keep an eye out for gorgeous handmade cushions and rugs. Raffia is making an entrance and it’s new to the world of interior design trends! It’s being used to make material for cushions, curtains, and upholstery, as well as feature lighting and even furniture. For this contest you are designing a livingroom.

Shepherds living

Desgin a home interior with a feel of a shepherds life. Think of the colours and materials of sheep, goat, lama, etc. But also think of the colours / shapes of the landscape in which a shepherd would live and the materials use in his/her dwelling.

Origami teens room

Design a bedroom of a teenager who is very fond of paper folding.

Urban to forest interior

Design a room interior that displays a transition between urban and forest within the room. So there should be an actual border as if the city ends somewhere in the room and the vegetation begins. It can be a bedroom, living room, bathroom, office kitchen, what ever type of room you want. Use furniture elements that would resemble city elements and other furniture that would resemble forest elements.

Beautiful blues

Indigo and turquoise are two top colors in interior design trends this season, but the love for blue doesn’t have to stop with those two colors. Playing with different shades of blue in one space provides a crisp and refreshing take on adding an accent color. Why stick with just one shade of blue when you can have them all? For this contest you are desinging whatever room you like as long as the main colours are blue

Sunny summer bedroom

For this contest you are designing a sunny summer bedroom. This can be done by using bright colours and white tones. Check out the banner image for inspiration.

Basement Bathroom

Design a bathroom in a basement partly underground, with only a small window on ground level. You can use this room as a starting point, feel free to alter it to make a basement bathroom that you like.

Lychee living room

Design a living room inspired on the colours and shape of the peculiar lychee fruit.