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Design an interior that has some symmetry. Symmetry can be used in the furniture, but also in the decoration, or both. You can choose your own type of room. Bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. inspiration [1] [2]

Cubist Shopping

Design a shop interior in which one primary three dimensional shape is dominating the space. This can be cubes, but also spheres, cilinders, cones, piramides, hexagonal prisms, etc. Just make sure you pick 1 type of shape to use in your shop interior, like in the example interior. Of course you can also use these shapes in flat images from the material library or custom upload. example shapes

Blue Bedroom

Design a room for a tough & cool girl with a big bed and blue colors. Inspiration: [1], [2]

Home Office for Kelly

Meet Kelly. She is looking for some inspiration to give her own home office an interior make-over. She needs a desk with enough space for her computer as well for her camera setup, used for recording podcasts and do video meetings. Kelly loves a vibrant and energizing interior style, and please also include a spot for her doggie to join her and lie down. Use the template room as a start to get the room dimensions right. You can not move the door, window or walls. You can decorate the hallway space to your own liking.

Cozy Restaurant

Design a cozy restaurant with an interior style of your own choice. Inspiration: [1] [2]

Mouse Bedroom

A big bedroom for twins, a boy and a girl. The kids are both 10 years old and they are crazy about Mickey Mouse. Create an awesome room for these kids! Inspiration: [1], [2]

Tropical Prints

Create a living room and use tropical prints as wall art or decoration! Inspiration: [1]

Canadian Holiday House

For this contest we are travelling to Canada, to be exact to the beautiful town called Banff. Use a cozy old-fashioned country atmosphere in your design, you are free to choose which type of room. Style inspiration: [1] [2](Dutch text but the photos will speak for themselves ;))

Tribute to Bowie

David Bowie left us on 10 januari 2016. He was a musician and artist that was a master in reinventing himself and coming up with a completely different styles and sounds. As a tribute to this brilliant artist, design a home interior inspired on one of his many styles that he created in his music, fashion, music clips, album artwork and movies. inspiration: [1]

New Years Eve: Spectacular View

The year 2016 has almost come to an end. Therefor the whole Roomstyler team would like to wish you a happy & healthy new year! For this contest you can create any room (..or roof terrace?) you like, just make sure to include a stunning view of the fireworks outside! Be safe and have fun on New Years Eve!

White Slender Colorful

Design a room with mainly white and slender interior items. Combine this with colorful flooring and some large colorful voluminous items, like a sofa or a dressoir.

Nifty Kitchen

We expanded our collection of kitchen cabinets recently, in various worktop materials and front colors. Just search for "kitchen cabinets" to find the building blocks you like. Kitchens can be made in a lot of different layouts. Straight, L shape, U shaped, Gallery etc. Make a nifty kitchen design, in a layout of your choice. Inspiration for layouts: [1]

Minimalistic Christmas

Often Christmas settings are an abundance of decorations and detail. However, it is possible to get a Christmas feeling while not have the feeling of standing inside a gift shop. In terms of Less=More, try designing a minimalistic Christmas home interior.

Shared Bedroom

Design a bedroom shared by 2 children with an age difference of two years or more that differ completely in taste and things they like.

Thai Resort

While hoping for some snow during the upcoming holiday season, we would like to challenge you to design a tropical Thai Resort room. So we can drift away to warmer thoughts and memories ;) Some inspiration: [1]