Roomstyler forums are closed

The idea behind our forums has always been to provide a source of information that would help new users to get started or advanced users to learn new tips and tricks. Over the past months the usage of Roomstyler has been growing significantly but we have also noticed that fewer and fewer of our active users are visiting the forums and only a tiny fraction actually posting on it.

The functionality we provided on the forums (not being able to block users etc) was simply not up to par with other community discussion tools when it comes to having discussions within a small group of users. Tools like facebook groups, slack or discord, give you much better way to manage small communities of users than our forums would ever provide.

It is still possible to comment to users or have discussions via the room comments. This would have the benefit that you can actually control the comments by deleting the comments you do not want.

Stay safe,
Jeroen Bekkers