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David - 2y ago
Contest: Marble Bathroom - Comment Thread

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

David 2y ago
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Khyra - 2y ago

Can't wait to vote!

Khyra 2y ago

does it have to be white

evahassing - 2y ago

The brief only says marble. So any kind and color is allowed I assume.

evahassing 2y ago

I think so too, Eva.

hannahglass - 2y ago

the 'hot tub' is throwing me off, making my designs look ugly lol!

tiffmonaee - 2y ago

how do you make the tub look like it has water in it?

tiffmonaee 2y ago
Nova - 2y ago

I've made some changes to mine is that okay?

Nova 2y ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 2y ago
All bathroom are so beautiful!
Love2Create - 2y ago

For the hot tub, there aren't many options so I'd suggest using a bath tub!  Plus, the actual hot tubs look ugly and don't fit into a bathroom!  :)

marleinxs - 2y ago

Wow, there are so much contests going on! I love that!

marleinxs 2y ago
Tree Nut - 2y ago

It wasn't easy to vote, there are so many beautiful bathrooms!!!

Tree Nut 2y ago
anchajaya - 2y ago

Is there a way to show all the entry in one page?

anchajaya 2y ago
Theadora - 2y ago

@Nico, David & Sidney

Why are "luxurious" by AJJ66 and "dovoa" by kiregl (fairly new members) allowed to stay in the competition when they are obvious very close copies of "Marble Bathroom" by _Xandra_ and "marmo" by Ida Dzanovic?

Has no one flagged them? - I know I did!

What's the use of the flagging system if Roomstyler does not follow up?

Does anyone at Roomstyler give the entries a once over before voting starts? The copies and designs that don't follow the brief are quite obvious. 


A design with the "bummer" message was not removed so that "fix" did not work.

Getting a bit "bummed".    ;)

Theadora 2y ago
bgref - 2y ago

Congrats winners!!

bgref 2y ago
Daisy320 - 2y ago

Congratulations to Elaenerys and Eva! Well done! And congrats to the other designs I voted for - lots of beautiful bathrooms. Everyone who submitted an entry is a winner for having tried - and many having succeeded in creating works of art! Good job! On to the next one . . . :) So many inspiring designers! :) 

Daisy320 2y ago
evahassing - 2y ago

Congrats to Elaenerys and Daisy! And thanks for the votes :)

evahassing 2y ago
Papaya Tree - 2y ago
Didn't get mine in early enough so here it is: