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Contest: Trick or Treat

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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hillygabe - 2y ago
i cannot get interested to do this kind of room. Can't we have one more room to do instead?
hillygabe 2y ago
Vlad Kucher - 2y ago

Hello all!

This is a great idea! Really gets you exited for Halloween.  If your not interested, maybe this is the time to force your imagination... making your room even more meaningful.

Is this room good?

how to put it in contest,please tell me

hauser - 2y ago

First you have to make the room  public. Go to the contest-page > submit . 

hauser 2y ago

Wow that room is really spooky! I love it! :)

starsector - 2y ago

@DmLights-user1821881, above.  You will not be able to enter a design from your DMlights acct.  DMLights is a 'whitelabel' program, a retailer-specific subprogram created by Roomstyler.  The contest program blocks Whitelabels, such as Dmlights, DWR, Yoo, etc, unless Roomstyler specifically programs the contest for one of those retailers.  You should use the main

starsector 2y ago

Does the best one win a prize?

Lifandus - 2y ago

First place get 16 credits. Second 12. Third... I'm not sure... but its between 11 and 6. Fourth down to Tenth get 5 credits.

Credits can be used to get special renderings, such as 4K, HD, Panoramas, and my favourite, Photorealistic/IRAY.

Lifandus 2y ago
rossella63 - 2y ago

 From the tenth to the fifteenth place 3 credits .

rossella63 2y ago

Thank you for the information!

Daisy320 - 2y ago

Congratulations Eva, Marocco, Rosella, Ariema and so many other great designs! Happy Halloween! :) 

Daisy320 2y ago
evahassing - 2y ago

Thanks for the votes guys and congrats to the runner ups :) Hope you all had a great Halloween!

evahassing 2y ago