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Contest: Experimental Decoration

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Daisy320 - 2y ago

It says room. So does that have to an interior then? Or can we do an exterior? 

Daisy320 2y ago

interior yes

Lifandus - 2y ago

This one's voting is really competitive. Excellent rooms from both the past and present are battling it out. I can't wait to see who wins! !)

Lifandus 2y ago
Lackew - 2y ago

But so far there isn't many that are out of the ordinary!

Lackew 2y ago
starsector - 2y ago

Congratulations to the winners~~Eva, meggle, Roberta, paradise, ariema, Deborah, sativah, barnigondi, Liu, many other gorgeous and cool, clever designers!

starsector 2y ago

Obrigado a todos vocês e parabéns a todos os designer

Daisy320 - 2y ago

Congrats to Eva and other top winners....interesting contest! :) 

Daisy320 2y ago

We here at Roomstyler are very impressed by the designs in this contest.