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Nico Langeveld - over 1y ago
Contest: Teacher Staff Room

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Nico Langeveld over 1y ago
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Kelly Carter - over 1y ago

Something happened to my Teacher Staff Room. I had submitted it but it's not there and I lost most of the work I did. When I try to access the pictures on my email I get pictures of other people'

s rooms or a message saying I don't have access to that room. Can someone tell me what is going on and how it can be fixed? Seems to be a glitch.

Kelly Carter over 1y ago
sharynbuman - over 1y ago

when i go to submit my pic, it dosent show up, so mad,

sharynbuman over 1y ago
Nico Langeveld - over 1y ago

We've had some downtime last Friday. Unfortunately this resulted a loss of some rooms that were saved on that day. That could be the reason you can't find your room. It could be that your room is still there, but is set to private. To be able to submit it, go to the room via your dashboard and set it on public in the bottom right.

Nico Langeveld over 1y ago
Emily Mann - over 1y ago

I don't know how to put my design on the thing? I can't press submit design!? so I basically can't enter the contest! I made it and everything it just won't work!??

Emily Mann over 1y ago
starsector - over 1y ago

@sharyn and Emily, I think your rooms are still set for Private.  Make them Public, then try entering the contest again.

starsector over 1y ago
Theadora - over 1y ago

A lot of unrealistic scenery choices in this competition. Teacher staff rooms in a high rise? 

Theadora over 1y ago
decordiva1 - over 1y ago

Contest states " end in 2 day" so I am unable to submit.

decordiva1 over 1y ago
renakate - over 1y ago

@Theadora could be a school in the middle of a city........anything and everything is possible now

renakate over 1y ago
renakate - over 1y ago

great job everybody! designs are amazing

renakate over 1y ago
Daisy320 - over 1y ago

Congrats to Nikolina, JayPH and the rest of the winners....great work!

Daisy320 over 1y ago
Inna_Inas - over 1y ago

Wow I am  truly shocked...thank you, everyone for voting and all your hearts and comments! Congratulations to all the winners and all contestants! You did  great job and gave a lot of inspiration to me! 

Inna_Inas over 1y ago