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donco - 2y ago
kitchen sink and cabinets

Hi guys... I am new to roomstyler and love it... I see so many renderings with great sinks and cabinets but I do not find them in the library. I only see a basic sink for the kitchen.  Please advise any tips on this. And cabinets since you do not have the option to resize... I know that it is possible, from renderings displayed by others.. I am just not finding them in my roomstyler library like the ones that I see displayed by others. Any advice would be helpful for a newbie...

donco 2y ago
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starsector - 2y ago

Hi donco, when you go into the Kitchen category, then select "built in storage and kitchen storage", you should get an item count of over 400 kitchen cabinet related items (uppers and base cabinets/islands, many with sinks).  Members also often create their own using dressers, sideboards, etc.  

If you're not seeing that many kitchen pieces, then it's possible you have a filter that hasn't been cleared.  To check, go to the grey section in the left hand panel that is below the category list.  It says "filter by:  Dimensions        Colors.  Click the word Dimensions and you'll see a white square with a red X in the top right corner, click the X.  Then click the word Colors, a popup spectrum should appear, but click the top line 'clear all'.

If that isn't the issue, it may be that you are not using the main Roomstyler, but one of their whitelabel programs created for specific retailers (which limits how many items are available in the catalog).  To check, open your planner and look at the URL.  If there are any names other than Roomstyler 3d planner listed there, it's a whitelabel.  Use the main Roomstyler site to log in:

starsector 2y ago
Theadora - 2y ago

Hi donco, I just wanted to add that the kitchen sink and tall wall cabinets of two of my designs you commented on are not individual pieces but part of fully equiped kitchens available in the menu.

When you want to find out what items someone used in their design hover over the three dots bottom right and click on Remix. This opens up the design and you can click on the item to find out what it is called.

Theadora 2y ago
donco - 2y ago

Omg... Thanks  @Starsector this helped tremendously... I had to clear my filters.. glad you shared this...

@Theadora... wow... this also helped me understand how to remix and now I know a new tip...

You two are wonderful.. thanks for the explanations...

I look forward to learning this program.  The best thing about room styler is the forum... I love reading how helpful all  the experienced users are to others.. I look forward to learning and sharing with others.. to pay it forward... This is such a fabulous program....

Thanks again for your wonderful tips...

donco 2y ago
terrencerreyna - 5 months ago

Pretty amazing 3D modeling tool. I have given it a try and it was great. Love from

terrencerreyna 5 months ago