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Nico Langeveld - 12 months ago
Contest - Santa Barbara Style

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Nico Langeveld 12 months ago
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Daisy320 - 12 months ago

Santa Barbara style is light walls, dark wood, tile, lots of wrought iron, old style accessories and accents as well as more traditional, Spanish style furniture. I have been to Santa Barbara several times. Charming place!

Daisy320 12 months ago
Lifandus - 12 months ago

Thanks for the link Daisy!

Lifandus 12 months ago
Trisshawn Taylor - 12 months ago

do anybody know about this contest because i don't know anything about it so somebody tell me about this contest. And right know i'm posting this and i'm going to post another one for i can get more friends on this and for i can talk to people and make new friends and please friend me. lol .

Trisshawn Taylor 12 months ago

what is Santa barba style?

or whatever it is. 

LOL :)

norcska - 12 months ago

well I got a question, but its not about the can i fix lamp on a 8m high ceiling if i wanted to see it from the floor? Maybe its a stupid question :)

norcska 12 months ago
Interiors by Laura - 12 months ago

You could adjust the angle of the camera or lower the ceiling.  There is no adjustment on the size of the lamp.

Interiors by Laura 12 months ago
norcska - 12 months ago

I tried every lower ceiling thing but it not works....i dont want to make the ceiling lower so im just not gonna having lamp Oo :D

norcska 12 months ago
hauser - 12 months ago

hmm, a lower ceiling didn´t mean there is no way to create the illusion of a 8 meters ceiling. with hanging lamps. 

hauser 12 months ago
Phospective - 12 months ago

It sounds to me that the Santa Barbara style involves HUGE houses and lots of money!!

Phospective 12 months ago
Daisy320 - 12 months ago

Congrats to Artem, Barnigondi and other top winners....great work! If you can ever make it to Santa Barbara, I highly recommend it. Beautiful little seaside community. Absolutely charming. It's basically the start of the Highway 1 coastal drive along the Pacific edge of California. Gorgeous! 

Daisy320 12 months ago
Alecio - 12 months ago

I did not know Santa Barbara until I got this contest, I really liked the style!

Alecio 12 months ago