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David - 10 months ago
Contest - Yellow Chairs

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

David 10 months ago
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lydiaenderlebell - 10 months ago

Hi David, I just now acquired a photo realistic render of my design for the yellow chairs contest; however, the ph-realistic render turned out very grainy, and the armrest on the white sofa is almost completely dark. I consequently removed some of the lights and re-saved the design, but I don't like it as much without the additional lights.  Will the same thing happen again if I insert the lights I removed and try another photo realistic render ? How can I avoid that>

lydiaenderlebell 10 months ago
lydiaenderlebell - 10 months ago

There are a number of designs with orange chairs........

lydiaenderlebell 10 months ago
Ellie665 - 10 months ago

Can someone tell me how to change the platform color?????????????

Ellie665 10 months ago
nicolaswiggins - 10 months ago

@Ellie665 I am pretty sure that you can not change the colour, but someone correct me if I am wrong

nicolaswiggins 10 months ago
AML Design - 10 months ago

hello, I entered a design and i made it public and now it shows that the design is not available, and no one can vote it. Is the first time when i enter in a contest. What is happening? There are 3 days until the contest is ending and no one can vote me. Please help. 

AML Design 10 months ago
Teri Dawn - 10 months ago

Great designs! It was tricky to get the colors to match just right. So many good ones!

Teri Dawn 10 months ago
Ellie665 - 10 months ago

@Teri Dawn 

I totally agree there are some amazing designs out there

Ellie665 10 months ago
Phospective - 10 months ago

Yes, lots of nice designs. My preference with this competition is for strong yellow in one or two pieces and everything else in other colours. 

Phospective 10 months ago