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Nico Langeveld - 29d ago
Contest - Clock Room

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Valentinapenta - 26d ago

This is a good contest based on what Roomstyler has to offer. There's a great selection of clocks to choose. I wish other contests would follow its example. It's my opinion that too many contests leave members with limited options. As examples I'll cite the recent Seafood Restaurant challenge and the current Orange and Blue Bedroom contest. One of the first questions concerning the restaurant contest was," where can you find the food because i looked in the 'food' section and its not there?" Other food related contests always brings about the same question. And questions about colorful bedding are always prevalent with bedroom contests. Since we've been told Roomstyler doesn't deal with food items and its clients prefer neutral model beds, why continue with such contests? Understand imagination and "tricks" are valued in judging a contest entry, but there is a limit.  

kla - 24d ago

I dont understand the newsfeed. I see everyones designs on there, but never see mine. Can someone please tell me why?

kla 24d ago
Theadora - 24d ago

For your design to show up on the newsfeed someone needs to comment on it.

Only If I follow the person who commented on your design will it show up on my newsfeed (example: I follow Nari so after his comment your latest design showed up on my newsfeed).

You can adjust your newsfeed settings by editing your profile.

Theadora 24d ago
Nico Langeveld - 24d ago

Hi Valentina, thanks for your input. We'll try to consider this in future contests.

Nico Langeveld - 24d ago

Btw, if you have any ideas for new contests, we're very glad with them. It's getting more and more challenging to come up with new contest subjects that we didn't run before.

Valentinapenta - 23d ago

You're welcome, Nico. Understand it must be hard creating contests along with doing all your other work.

Off the top of my head I'd suggest contests based on some of the new manufactures you've recently added. For example a contest focused on the Fine Furniture collection or pieces from Marge Carson. I also think members enjoy template challenges. You may want to have a competition for the best template followed by a contest to decorate that winning template. I'll keep thinking and I'm sure others can come up with some great ideas.  

I think it would be cool for a summer theme 

kitty - 23d ago

some great designs in this contest! Ive posted so many likes!!!

kitty 23d ago
Valentinapenta - 22d ago

Nico, I thought of three contests for your consideration.

1. Styling with Art - Create a space on a piece of art from the Wendover Art Group. The colors, fabrics and finishes of the the room must be based entirely from the piece.

2. "After Name" Create a room inspired by one of your favorite interior designers. Make sure the title of your room includes the designer's name. Example: "After Piet Boon."

3. Formal Dining Room Create a formal dining room using pieces from the manufacturers Fine Furniture, Hickory or Baker only.   

Hope you can use them.

Theadora - 18d ago

clock by monika_design is a photograph.

Theadora 18d ago

Hi Nico,

I'll follow up Valentinapenta's suggestions on new designs. She has three great ideas. When I was a staff writer for a magazine in Arizona, I covered the home section featuring multi=million dollar homes . What I found in those super expensive homes was:

1. Persian rugs (Orientals), which you have plenty of in RS., were found in just about every expensive home., even in homes  that had modern furnishings. 

2. Valentinapenta is right - Lately you had new furniture editions in wonderful period styles,. You could create contests using several of these pieces, even go as far as naming the brand or manufacturer you want to have covered. I am sure those clients would appreciate it.

3. The suggestions about art - I did a long article on using art in the home (as well as on oriental rugs), and it is a wonderful idea for RS designs. You can go as far as specifying certain types of art, either by subject or certain artists. 

4. Another detailed  article I did for that magazine was on tapestries, which of course you actually don't feature any on RS, so I don't know if it would be suitable. 

5. You can suggest different styles - rustic within certain limitations ,or designs representing certain periods or a  certain feel, for example WESTERN style, Louis XV and/or Louis XVI, Swedish Gustavian, (When there are not enough pieces of certain styles in RS, one can go for a certain feel of that period). I once  did a couple rooms in a Southern mansions/plantation style. Having toured many of those old homes while living in the South of the US, I tried to create the "feel" of those homes, and according to a native from this area (Russ, who was a designer on RS for a long time) I captured the "feel" of that style even without a load of furnishings from that period.

Well,  that is all I can think of right now. Need to check out your new period furniture additions on RS again; maybe I'll think of more. 

Please let me know if you read my suggestions.

Thank you, L.E.Bell

By the way, having had real problems with designs on which I made corrections after the contests were over, and even before then,  had and now are having real problems with making "public" and making "private" and with the incorrect "lock" on many of those designs.

kitty - 17d ago

@Theadora It'll probably win!! In fact I think I voted for it : D

She's really clever though to think of doing that.

I feel until the Roomstyler staff actually pay more attention to contests or even chose winners this sort of thing will happen.

kitty 17d ago
lyke101 - 16d ago

how do I submit???????

lyke101 16d ago
Theadora - 16d ago


This person has been on Roomstyler for more than a year so probably knew better but submitted anyway. It's up to the members to check the designs they give their likes and votes to just to make sure it's what it's supposed to be. At first glance you can see that this one has a yellow spiral staircase - you can often tell because the items in the photograph are not available on Roomstyler (also this photograph is very poor quality).

The real problem is Roomstyler not being consistent in removing submitted photographs and designs that don't fit the brief, even after members make them aware by flagging the designs.

We are doing Roomstyler a favour by flagging the designs for them - they are the ones who asked us to do that and it's very discouraging to have them ignore us and letting us waste our time, I'd rather spend it creating a room!


Theadora 16d ago
Theadora - 16d ago


You can't submit anymore after voting has started which is 3 days before the end of the contest.

Theadora 16d ago
Tuubz - 15d ago

Im shure some of them were done but here are some contest ideas

1. Swimmingpool

2. Home exterior

3. The inside of an Iglo

4. Fashionshow runway

5. One color item. ( Create a room with different colors but the colors you choose can only be used with 1 item. So if you have a purple chair u cannot use purple on anything else, just that one object.

6. Roof window

7. Private school cantine

8. Turkish bath / hamam

9. Wedding

10. Modern mixed with Western

11. V.I.P lounge at a (concert)

12. Tree house

13. Home of a Rockstar

14. Balroom
15. skyline vieuw

Tuubz 15d ago
mz_little_bit - 15d ago

I've noticed some styles of furniture where there are matching pieces, such as Marge Carson dresser/night stand. 

Perhaps a contest centered around a grouping of matched furniture.

Or perhaps pick 5 items and see what everyone's take on incorporating those 5 items is.

lyke101 - 15d ago


lyke101 15d ago
kitty - 15d ago


"The real problem is Roomstyler not being consistent in removing submitted photographs and designs that don't fit the brief, even after members make them aware by flagging the designs.

We are doing Roomstyler a favour by flagging the designs for them - they are the ones who asked us to do that and it's very discouraging to have them ignore us and letting us waste our time, I'd rather spend it creating a room!"

Well said I really couldn't agree more..I spend ages concentrating on meeting the brief and tbh I DO feel frustrated when other designs ignoring brief got more votes than mine!

I did flag for a while but when the designs remained I gave up.

kitty 15d ago
Theadora - 15d ago


I've been ready to give up flagging quite a few times but every time Nico/David remove designs that don't follow the brief I get my hopes up...only to get disappointed again by Roomstyler's lack of consistency....

I think the reason designs that don't fit the brief get votes is because they get voted for by their multiple accounts and/or their friends (what else is new) so don't let that bother you, not much can be done about that.

I'm afraid Roomstyler staff is too busy with Floorplanner to bother much with us. 

Read what they're up to here:    

Theadora 15d ago
Theadora - 14d ago

ZuzanaDesign and ZsuzsannaCs = same person with 2 design submitted in contests and getting 12 votes for each design in this one?

Is this fair?! 

Theadora 14d ago
kitty - 14d ago

@ Theadora thats so unfair!

How can people be so scheming in what is supposed to be a friendly site for people to explore their creative imaginations/

kitty 14d ago
LaModeCeleste - 14d ago


Two different accounts but the same person. She made two rooms and entered them, but I wouldn't consider that cheating.

The two rooms are different from one another, so it's not like she entered the same room twice

Theadora - 14d ago


I don't make up the rules. 

Roomstyler decided that you can only enter 1 design per contest.

You also are supposed to have only one account on this site.

From Roomstyler's Terms & Conditions:


Since a free use subscription of Roomstyler is made available free of charge to User, each Party agrees that the other Party shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, arising in connection with the free use subscription, the provision of services or the use of FLOORPLANNER.COM products by User. In the event FLOORPLANNER.COM is liable for damage under mandatory law, FLOORPLANNER.COM aggegrate liability to User for any and all claims arsing out or in connection woth the use of Roomstyler and related services.

Complete Terms & Conditions: 

Theadora 14d ago