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Nico Langeveld - 29d ago
Contest - Black White and Shiny

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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mz_little_bit - 19d ago

are outside photos allowed as contest entries?  There is an entry that is just an image.  There is furniture but none that shows up in the image (all behind the camera viewing area.)

Theadora - 19d ago

Photographs are not allowed in contests.

 Flagg the design (and any that don't follow the brief) by clicking on the red flag at bottom right of the image.

In this case it's bws1 by intdeson.

This person previously submitted a photograph in the sewing contest (which was removed).

Theadora 19d ago
kitty - 17d ago

its so annoying that in both this and the orange and blue bedroom there are so many entries that seem to still ignore the brief yet stay on to get voted for.

Its only the clock contest that seems to have everyone in it answering the brief.

kitty 17d ago
mz_little_bit - 17d ago

perhaps it is just me but I found the orange and blue difficult.  Not so much in the designing, but rather in what was enough and what was not.  I think the directions said something to the effect of using both orange and blue as the dominant colors.  By mere definition of the word 'dominant', I felt like searching for that single solitary blue or orange item did not meet with the description.  But that was just my take on the description.  I have completely misinterpreted the whole thing

kitty - 16d ago

@mz_little_bit I've looked at your design its lovely and I don't think you've misinterpreted the brief

kitty 16d ago
Teri Dawn - 15d ago

Can I get some clarification? When you say no photographs in contest rooms, does that include scenery photos through windows? Also, I have seen many rooms in contests that were voted on that used photos uploaded onto the wall of the room to replicate shelving and such.  Sorry if I missed something :)

Teri Dawn 15d ago
Theadora - 15d ago

Hi Teri Dawn,

I am talking about submitted "designs" that consist out of an uploaded photograph that has no template/design and has either no items at all  or just a couple. 

That's not a design but a deliberate attempt at fooling people. Unfortunately they often manage to take away votes from designs that deserve them.

Using photographs of scenery, art and shelving, etc. are only part of an overall design and an enhancement. :)  

Theadora 15d ago
Teri Dawn - 15d ago

Thanks Theodora! I understand now. I am glad because I love trying to fit in the scenery photos and other photo wall decor!

Teri Dawn 15d ago
Theadora - 15d ago

Btw, just noticed that intdeson has changed his/her submission to a real design.

Theadora 15d ago