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teo410 - 22d ago
Living Room - Any ideas?

Hi there :)

My wife and I have recently bought a fixer-upper and need to decorate our living room. I have left it all to her (I've done all the manual labour!) but we are really struggling.

Would anyone be willing to have a stab at designing room for us?

Only stipulations are TV on the chimney breast and carpet and the sofa are already bought. The wife is thinking like a dove grey and yellow theme? I hope you can help!


Adam (teo410)

teo410 22d ago
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teo410 - 22d ago
teo410 22d ago
chloe_mccarty - 22d ago

hello! congrats on buying a house! 

can i change the floor to wood floor or does it have to stay carpet only?


can i make the windows bigger to add more natural light?

teo410 - 22d ago

Windows are stuck i'm afraid, feel free to change the floor :)

teo410 22d ago
Theadora - 22d ago

Do you need a desk or dining area in this space?

Theadora 22d ago
millerfam - 22d ago

A couple of questions. Is there a fireplace on the wall with the TV? And, can the walls be painted a different color or not? Thanks.

millerfam 22d ago
teo410 - 22d ago

@Theadora No we have a seperate dining room

@millerfam there is nothing on the wall at the minute. Yes, paint away!! :D

teo410 22d ago
Theadora - 22d ago

Here is an idea for your living room, hope you like it. :)


Theadora 22d ago
millerfam - 22d ago

Here's my design:

millerfam 22d ago
teo410 - 22d ago

Love those! The grey windows and doors are a great idea to break up the walls. Some great storage ideas too.

teo410 22d ago
chloe_mccarty - 21d ago

were is the house located?

Theadora - 21d ago

I changed the chimney breast to give it a little more pizzazz by adding metal panelling. On Roomstyler it's meant for the floor but I know you can get it for walls too. :) 

Theadora 21d ago
teo410 - 21d ago

@Chloe_Mccarty I live in North Wales in the UK :)

teo410 21d ago
teo410 - 21d ago

@Theadora I love the contrasting chimney breast! I can't seem to see your design, I think it may be on private?

teo410 21d ago
Theadora - 20d ago

There you go, sorry about that. :) 

Theadora 20d ago
Theadora - 20d ago


Every time you remix my design you will find that the bookcases have moved. This is because they are too big for the wall so I had to use a trick to make them stay.

I drew 2 walls that are not attached, placed the bookcases on them and moved them over the existing walls. The lose walls disappear when the design renders.

All you need to do is drag and drop the bookcases to the inside.

Theadora 20d ago
teo410 - 20d ago

I noticed that. Thanks for the tip

teo410 20d ago
chloe_mccarty - 20d ago

this is one of them! i will do a couple for you guys!

chania - 19d ago

Please look this one   

chania 19d ago
chania - 19d ago
chania 19d ago
chania - 19d ago
chania 19d ago
teo410 - 18d ago

@chania that's really good. Love the lighting!

teo410 18d ago
teo410 - 16d ago

Any more ideas?? :)

teo410 16d ago
pingbubbles - 13d ago

hi teo410, 

here is my design 

1.changed the flooring to an ash wood.  

2.added the 2 feature walls using grey and yellow wallpaper

3. added a small seating/reading nook

4. floating shelves below the TV. 

5. venetian blinds for the window. 

6. yellow accents through rugs, cushions and paintings. 

 hope you like it! 

pingbubbles 13d ago
PenAndPaper - 12d ago

I added in a little navy to give a little more interest. 

Changed the floor to wood grey.

Yellow Rug and accent chairs. 

PenAndPaper 12d ago
teighmac - 12d ago

I used orange instead of yellow to warm it up. 

teighmac 12d ago
ZuzanaDesign - 12d ago

ZuzanaDesign 12d ago
chloe_mccarty - 12d ago

here is my second hope you like it :)

neta1 - 10d ago

here is my try :)

neta1 10d ago
teo410 - 9d ago

@PenAndPaper I think your room is on Private, are you able to put this on public please? :)

Lots of inspiration here, the wife has her work cut out to pick what she likes from these now!

Thanks a lot everyone!

teo410 9d ago
PenAndPaper - 8d ago

Sorry about that @teo410 For some strange reason styler just started making the default as private and I don't realize it. Just changed it. 

Congrats on your house!!! 

I have a few ideas you could use, not all of them have yellow but lots of grey. 

I could design a room specifically for you... If you want....

I need new ideas anyway....just hit me up anytime!!

- Emaline