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Contest - Bedroom Mural

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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mz_little_bit - 8d ago

room titled 'rock star' is a photo.  Sad because the designer had lots of furnishing out of camera view and I would have loved to have seen where the design might have led. 

Theadora - 8d ago

I've put a comment on his/her design and flagged it.

Theadora 8d ago

I withdrew the entry. thanks for the notice

Theadora - 8d ago

Thanks Nico. :)

Theadora 8d ago
Suebonstra - 7d ago

I would  to like.... this  Bedroom Mural    rr33 ...But from some reason I can't  :-(

Suebonstra 7d ago
Theadora - 7d ago

Kan je het design niet in de contest doen? Zolang het publiek is zou het geen probleem moeten zijn... 

Theadora 7d ago
kitty - 6d ago

theres some amazing entries in this contest!- 

kitty 6d ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 6d ago

This is a very good competition! Beautiful works are here! Certainly a tight fight will be in the competition!

starsector - 5d ago

I totally agree!  I love them all!  It will be really tough to narrow it down to just 10.

starsector 5d ago
landinr - 4d ago

hey i hope u like my room


landinr 4d ago
landinr - 4d ago

me to

landinr 4d ago
landinr - 4d ago

im actually fames for my designs

landinr 4d ago
landinr - 4d ago

sorry for bad spelling

landinr 4d ago
landinr - 4d ago

hi nico

landinr 4d ago
Theadora - 4d ago


Stop being a baby and wasting people's time by posting nonsense!

Theadora 4d ago