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Nico Langeveld - 11 months ago
Contest - Winter Bedroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Nico Langeveld 11 months ago
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Valentinapenta - 11 months ago

Notice many of the designs entered so far in this contest don't have, "snowflake patterns and/or other cold season symbols/materials."

Valentinapenta 11 months ago
Brenda DeVries - 11 months ago

I guess some could consider "cold season symbols/materials" as open to interpretation? If someone uses a winter scene for their scenery/backdrop, is that considered "cold season" enough?  Or maybe they tucked a snow globe up on a shelf somewhere, or used white and/or blue abstract geometric or lacy design elements that are reminiscent of a snowflake pattern, or they put a fireplace in their design (because people turn on their fireplaces when it's cold), or used a white fur rug because 1. people wear fur when it's cold, and 2. it kinda looks like snow. Do those things qualify (or disqualify) them for entry to the contest, even if they didn't use a literal snowflake pattern somewhere in their design? My opinion (and it's just my opinion): I think it's okay for the contest qualifiers to be open for interpretation. It gives designers the freedom and creativity to think outside the box to meet contest qualifications. If the theme and/or use of contest qualifying design elements is unclear in the design, the likes and votes (or lack thereof) will, most likely, reflect this. I'm confident that the voters with whom the decision rests will choose designs that meet contest criteria, however it is interpreted.

Brenda DeVries 11 months ago
Brenda DeVries - 11 months ago

Also, I did use literal snowflakes in my design, just in case anyone was wondering. ;) <3

Brenda DeVries 11 months ago
Brenda DeVries - 11 months ago

Also also, (which is the real reason I popped onto the discussion forum... xD ) does anyone ever feel like one of the most difficult things to do when designing in Roomstyler is finding a scenery/backdrop photo that works with your design without looking funky, or standing out in a weird way? I know in times past I've spent hours searching for the PERFECT backdrop for a design: "Nope. The angle is too severe." e__e "Holy smokes, that tree is huge." O__O; "Too pixelated..." Dx "Wow, that color is brighter than I thought." >__< "Maybe if I crop it in photoshop?" >__> "Let me just color correct this a sec..." xD

Anyone else ever have this problem? xD Luckily winter scenes are pretty easy to find for this challenge. I already had one in stock that I think works nicely. ^__^

Brenda DeVries 11 months ago
Theadora - 11 months ago

@Brenda DeVries.

1. Don't overthink the contests. :)

Designs don't usually get disqualified even though they have been flagged unless someone kicks up a stink (guilty) -  mostly about photographs or copies submitted.  


2. The keywords for this particular contest are "and/or".

To create a winter atmosphere you can use:

a. Snowflake patterns AND other cold season symbols/materials.

b. OR other cold season symbols/materials.

Seems to me it's totally left to each individual's imagination.

3. This might help you find some good scenery, 1920 x 1080 or higher should work.  

Theadora 11 months ago
fippydude - 11 months ago

I once had what I thought was the perfect backdrop.  A picture of grazing horses. Problem was the one in the foreground looked like it was grazing in the living room.  


fippydude 11 months ago