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s_ku - 3 months ago
Weird scenery glitches

Hi, whenever I apply scenery, it always zooms in dramatically and makes the scenery different from what I want it to be. Does anyone know how to fix this, or have suggestions for scenery that can be used that doesn't do that? Thank you!

s_ku 3 months ago
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starsector - 2 months ago

Hi s_ku, what size are you using?  Try 1080p or larger.  Test your image first by dropping a scenery into a new empty 3D planner.  Then save as photoquality.  When it renders, examine it closely.  How much is cut off?  How blurry is it?  

Pay particular attention to the middle third of the image (horizontal).  That's because the bottom third will be covered by the floor of any room (unless you do an outside design), and the top third is likely to be covered by the ceiling (although you may see pieces of the top third through an open window/door.

starsector 2 months ago
s_ku - 2 months ago

starsector thank you so much! I'll definitely try this. Thanks again :)

s_ku 2 months ago
hauser - 2 months ago

It also depends on the chosen camera - angle : zoom, normal and wide-angle 

hauser 2 months ago
s_ku - 2 months ago

hauser , which camera angle do you recommend?

s_ku 2 months ago
hauser - 1 month ago

I often work with zoom by making holes in walls or make the room longer than they would be in reality.

hauser 1 month ago