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LaModeCeleste - 16d ago

I'm burnt out (aka I don't have any interior designing ideas). I've tried taking a break for several days, looking through magazines and interior designing websites for sparks of creativity, but... nothin'.

I would love some ideas, if you don't mind, so that I can get back into the groove of things. Help?

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starsector - 16d ago

Hi LaMode, instead of making an entire room, how about making a close-up table scape?  Put together a table chair set, then design a decorative centerpiece with place settings and serving dishes. :)

starsector 16d ago
LaModeCeleste - 16d ago

Ah, that's an idea! Thank you! I'll try it and see if it helps. ;-)

kitty - 15d ago

I find when I have no ideas I enter a competition,usually having that focus kind of kickstarts me into designing.

I don't like some of the designs I enter but at least it means I'm creating 'something'

kitty 15d ago
LaModeCeleste - 15d ago

oh, thanks for the advice!

LaModeCeleste - 12d ago

Here it is! Not what I was originally going for, starsector, but it's a start!