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kitty - 13d ago
disappearing room items

I just went to edit a room containing a rug and two mirrors from the 'NEW' items section, when it opened my room the 3 items were missing.

Thinking perhaps I'd deleted them by accident I closed my design re-opened the room and once more no rug nor mirrors-neither were they in my room items list.

a bit frustrated by this as the room had those as a focal point.

has this problem happen to anyone else as I'm wary of adding other things from this section in case this happens with them.

This has never happened to me before.

kitty 13d ago
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Sally Simpson - 13d ago

Same here. The candle holder in this room is gone when editing, and it's not longer listed on items to add to the room :(


Sorry for my English, I'm from Spain.

Sally Simpson - 13d ago

I also noticed that all the art items I added from the New section in this room are gone while editing:

And it seems that they are not longer available in Accesoires/Art section.

kitty - 13d ago

your english is excellent!

I wish the tech team would tell us whats going on. its really frustrating as I think we all have certain 'favourite' things that we chose to use in our designs

kitty 13d ago
Sally Simpson - 13d ago

It's frustrating.

Lots of fantastic Art items, rugs and candles had been added recently to the NEW section and now they are gone :(

Sally Simpson - 13d ago

To the techs, in case it helps:

I designed a room two months ago (it's private, so I can't post the pic) adding an item from the NEW section and it's gone while editing.

What leads me to thing that all the items added to the NEW section since November, at least, are gone.

kitty - 13d ago

@sally Simpson Same thing has happened to me : ( I could cry really...I am designing a room and the chandelier wall lights  rug and mirrors are really important as is the art- All in new items section all gone in the last couple of hours!!!!

I don't want to put in another chandelier as the one I found was just perfect.

All the new art and lights were great and ugh! now I just feel like giving up a design I was really excited by.

kitty 13d ago
Theadora - 13d ago

I suspect this poor "newbie" had a similar experience: 

Theadora 13d ago
Sally Simpson - 13d ago

Forget my previous post.

Just browsed that 3D room history and I added the disappeared item by editing the room 21 days ago.

Sorry for the confusion :(

Btw, there used to be fantastic vases in the NEW section that now are also gone

Dawn Wiist - 13d ago

missing New items as well

Dawn Wiist 13d ago
Sally Simpson - 13d ago

I guess this issue is affecting to many ppl, the prob is that one doesn't notice this bug unless one edits the rooms.

That's why just a few ppl is posting about it, I suppose.

kitty - 13d ago

Still fuming over this its so frustrating I have to re-design my whole room.

Things have gone that were there last night  : (

No feedback from tech!!!!

kitty 13d ago
Theadora - 13d ago

Hi Kitty, contact Roomstyler directly, they don't seem to check out our Forum posts. :( 

Theadora 13d ago
Sally Simpson - 13d ago
I just contacted RS team to let them know about the issue.
kitty - 13d ago

Thank-you both.

We really need a dedicated forum moderator and team here

kitty 13d ago
Theadora - 13d ago

I'd be happy to volunteer since I have no interest in winning but am concerned about fairness in contests. Unfortunately I don't think they'll have me, LOL.

Theadora 13d ago
Theadora - 13d ago

Oopsie, had contests on my mind...

I don't think Roomstyler staff has the time to moderate the Forum...they already do double duty for Floorplanner and Roomstyler....

Theadora 13d ago
JeroenBekkers - 12d ago

Sorry for the delayed reply. We are indeed a bit busy with rolling out a new version of Floorplanner and sometimes do not have enough time to timely respond to the forums. Sorry for this.  We'll take a look at this is now.

JeroenBekkers - 12d ago

ok, these items were mistakenly added to the public libraries. They should have been kept private for a specific client but for a period we had them publicly available. The items were set to private once this was brought to our attention and therefor they are not showing up anymore in rooms. Normally we have an extra check to make sure this doesn't happen but in this case we overlooked this.  We'll try to prevent this in the future.

Valentinapenta - 12d ago

The items were really nice.   Sure the  private client was fully satisfied with the modeling.

Bonnie Chappell - 12d ago

Geez, the items were really special! I am disappointed!

Sally Simpson - 12d ago

Same here.

The Art stuff added recently to the NEW section was the best stuff I have ever used in my rooms.

Same applies to Vases and candles.

Now all those fantastic items are gone. Frustrating.

Considering that this issue is RS fault due to a mistake on their own I think that making all the disappeared stuff available on public libraries again would be the fairest action to take.

Just saying...

Valentinapenta - 12d ago

I agree Sally the items were terrific, however, one thing we need to remember is Roomstyler is a business.  Its purpose is to make money.   We as members are lucky to use the site for free. 

Sally Simpson - 12d ago

Well, we are also supporting their bussiness by designing spaces with featured products that people can buy.

I absolutely used to love those terrific Art items added recently to the NEW section and now I'm missing them so much.

And now I feel so disappointed. But bussiness is bussiness, as you say.

KKTO - 12d ago

You know I spent several hours looking for that one table , oh well its gone now. I try to keep a decent colour match and wouldn't you know it, no other table like the one I found. On to the next design.

KKTO 12d ago
kitty - 12d ago

The lights,vases art  furniture and rugs that have been lost were so much nicer than anything else available.


I would be happy to pay a small (i.e.;affordable for a hobby designer like me) fee to have access to an enhanced catalog of items and features.

expanded architecture options and access to wider furniture catalogs (brands such as Roche Bobois,Vitsoe Balthaup etc ) would be really inspiring and surely entice more members to join the site professional as well as hobby designers

kitty 12d ago
Valentinapenta - 12d ago

Kitty, do you remember when you could have certain items modeled for 30 credits?  I had Hans Wegner's "Papa Bear  chair and ottoman" done, and soon after the team discontinued it.  I wish they'd bring it back.

kitty - 12d ago

Yes I do remember!

I think it would be great if we could even have an option where we could access extra items like those that were deleted for credits,

ie; 50 credits buys a months unlimited access to an expanded catalog of architectural features and furniture/accessories.

I know that we have access to tens of thousands of items for free but to be honest a great many of them are very bland or a bit ugly.

I was trying to look for a wardrobe for a design and found myself very frustrated by seeing the same old items. 

kitty 12d ago
Valentinapenta - 12d ago

I've thought for awhile now Roomstyler needs to retire many items and update its categories.  I find it tedious scrolling through 10,299 sofas to find one to fit a design.  Especially when you find 14 Browning sofas in different patterns and colors.  The style is so old, people are selling them on Ebay.

kitty - 11d ago

@valentinapenta exactly!!! And I hate using the same sofa more than once because Its so tedious as you say scrolling through 10k sofas of which many are out of date or render really badly.

for instance a lot of the leather onces when rendered look like they're made of plastascine! awful.

and the 'sections' within the categories need updating go to sofas for instance and there are far more 4 seaters than come up under that subsection.

also carpets and paint needs updating.

kitty 11d ago
Valentinapenta - 11d ago

Agree with you completely Kitty.

Dawn Wiist - 11d ago

A lot if us cannot afford to pay for items. That is what the best part of this is. You have access to it and the items without charge. Please don't change that

Dawn Wiist 11d ago
kitty - 10d ago

@dawnwiist I totally agree as I too don't have a lot of money.

my suggestion is that like we buy credits to get renders we buy credits to access a wider catalog of items.. say £5 buys a month of unlimited access to a bigger catalog

otherwise we can just stay for free and have access to the existing features.

kitty 10d ago