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kitty - 13d ago
disappearing items/'New' items section

Help! this is an update to my last post

returning to the 'new' section I see there are now only 245 or something items in the 'new' section scrolling through  I see some 600 items have now gone.

searching the 'rugs' section under traditional the new rugs I used (traditional in style) were not there.

Where has everything gone?

can the tech team update us? could they at least put things in the correct categories to save the neccessity of going through 3000 + rugs to find the one I need?

kitty 13d ago
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kitty - 13d ago

UPDATE!!!! now the chandelier I had in the room and both wall lights have disappeared from my edit ....

its like the burglars have raided my room : ((((

Can the tech team update us on this

kitty 13d ago
KKTO - 12d ago

Sorry to hear this. I am missing a dining table I put into a design draft.??? Help tech team?

KKTO 12d ago
Theadora - 12d ago
Theadora 12d ago
kitty - 12d ago

Mystery solved-but its still made me depressed : (

And whats with all the pool tables and gambling tables in the new section?

I guess the newest contest will be to to design a pub or casino!

At one point loads of gym and fitness gear appeared too but I don't remember it being used much in designs.

kitty 12d ago