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Blokhut - 2 months ago
Few "easy" questions

Hi, first time trying to build our new house in Roomstyler but am dealing with a few issues where I hope you can help

- the light outside is still being dark.

- the floor does not change (anymore, after deleting the multiple layers)

- the stairs (above bath) is never long enough, how to fix this?

Hope you can help me, thanks

Blokhut 2 months ago
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Theadora - 2 months ago

Hi Blokhut,

1. "Opzet begane grond" did not render because the template is a bit of a mess. "Woonruimte" rendered fine.

2. To fix the flooring delete one outside wall in each section and redraw (preferably the smallest wall). The default floor should show up again and then you can change to whatever you want.

3. There are different sized stairs, the one that fits best has a turn at the top.

4. Stub wall. A wall needs to be attached at both ends to another wall otherwise it will disappear when the design renders. So to create a stub wall click on the blue dot and pull the wall through to the center of the opposite wall. Then put in a door opening (the one without the trim) and adjust the opening leaving a stub wall. is the place to go for a complete floor plan. is better if you want to create individual rooms. When you have several rooms sharing walls, wall items tend to pop to the "wrong" side since the program does not recognize inside/outside walls. To fix this delete and re-draw the wall or create a double wall.

I've fixed your template - the black walls are the ones that were deleted and re-drawn. Just click on "remix" and "save as", it will appear on your profile and you can continue. My name will not show on your copy and I will delete mine later.

Hope this help and good luck. :)


Theadora 2 months ago
Blokhut - 2 months ago

great thanx!

Blokhut 2 months ago
321simple - 1 month ago

Hey can someone please tell me how to open a door that would be great. Thx

321simple 1 month ago
321simple - 1 month ago

except i tried it and i don't really get what you mean. I did a practice run and i did a wall by itself and i dragged and dropped a door onto it and i waited for it to render and nothing happened

321simple 1 month ago
starsector - 1 month ago

Hi 321, you need to save your design with the green "take a 3D photo" button under the camera view/preview box.  Then on your main image page, refresh a few times until the new rendered image appears.

starsector 1 month ago