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Nico Langeveld - 1 month ago
Contest - Artist Workshop

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Nico Langeveld 1 month ago
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kitty - 30d ago

such a great idea..I'm loving the new contest ideas they're very creative and quite challenging 

kitty 30d ago
ritsa - 29d ago

Hi Nico! .. I try to make my designs photorealistic, because that way I can see my project as it really would be ... but I lose many credits every time, because the difference is huge in lighting and I have to I do this many times over and over again ... and I'm not always in the top 10 so I can earn some credits every time and I have no money to buy new ones ... maybe there's something to do about it so we can to see all our projects right please? thank you very much..

ritsa 29d ago
barnyard_gal - 28d ago
Wait, do you earn credits if you win?
barnyard_gal 28d ago
barnyard_gal - 28d ago
What do ya'll think about an idea of a music themed workshop? Would that work?
barnyard_gal 28d ago
rodrigo48 - 27d ago

Hi, I'm a graphic designer and plastic artist in Venezuela. I would like to create my portfolio based on this app and want to know if there is any way to download this application to my pc, to work more efficiently, without having to wait for each image of roonstyle, want to find some models for office of designer, such as silk-screen printing, printing and sublimation etc. also want to know if someone else cones a similar application that is not autocad, that works 3D interior designs, but that is not so heavy. help

rodrigo48 27d ago
starsector - 27d ago

Hi  rodrigo, use the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page to contact the tech team directly.  They don't always monitor the forum.   but in the meantime, check out their sister site, , it might have  cross platform options for you :)

starsector 27d ago
barnyard_gal - 24d ago
Is there a limit to how many entries we can enter?
barnyard_gal 24d ago
barnyard_gal - 23d ago
I submitted my design yesterdays so how come it isn't showing up???
barnyard_gal 23d ago
donella - 23d ago

one entry per designer per contest barnyard_gal

donella 23d ago
Lili Cooley - 22d ago

can it  be related to music or dance?

Lili Cooley 22d ago
Shoe690 - 22d ago

I submitted mine but i cant see it, ???

Shoe690 22d ago
Shoe690 - 22d ago

Oh. found it.

Shoe690 22d ago
Shoe690 - 22d ago

How do you change your design name?

Shoe690 22d ago
barnyard_gal - 22d ago


Okay, thank you :)

@Lili Cooley

I'm pretty sure you can! I mean, music is a form of art, as well as dance.

Check out my entry!


I'm having that same problem. How did you find yours?

How I changed mine was I went into edit mode and I did a "save as". I had to do this about four times until I came up with a satisfying name. LOL. It's a pain, though, but it's the only way I could figure out how to do it.

barnyard_gal 22d ago
Theadora - 22d ago

@Shoe690 and barnyard_gal.

Go to your dashboard, hover over the name and change it. :)

Theadora 22d ago
Shoe690 - 21d ago

Like mine?

Shoe690 21d ago
Shoe690 - 21d ago

i love yours, Barnyard_gal

Shoe690 21d ago
Shoe690 - 21d ago

How do you put books in a bookshelf? It transports them onto the ground...

Shoe690 21d ago
barnyard_gal - 21d ago

@Theadora - I'll keep that in mine, thx!

@Shoe690 - Thank you so much! I like yours as well, very creative. I'll be sure to vote for yours :) :) :) As for the books in the bookshelf, I don't know. I was having the same problem. I'm making my actual bedroom on here and my book case is chuck full of books irl but I can't get the books to stay in the actually shelves on RS

barnyard_gal 21d ago
Shoe690 - 20d ago

Thanks anyway!

Shoe690 20d ago
starsector - 20d ago

There are so many cute and clever art workshops, I don't know how in the world I can only vote for 10!! :)

starsector 20d ago
kitty - 20d ago

I do wish there were more 'props' available for this contest though tbh.

more easel options, potters wheels, paints etc...

kitty 20d ago
Shoe690 - 18d ago

Me tooo

Shoe690 18d ago
barnyard_gal - 17d ago

Please vote for my room! It would be greatly appreciated :)

barnyard_gal 17d ago
Theadora - 17d ago


I'm sure everybody thinks the same way...:)

Theadora 17d ago
kitty - 15d ago

well deserved winner brilliant design.

kitty 15d ago
Shoe690 - 15d ago


Shoe690 15d ago
barnyard_gal - 14d ago


Sorrrryyyy XD

This was my first contest :P

barnyard_gal 14d ago
Shoe690 - 14d ago


Shoe690 14d ago
Nico Langeveld - 12d ago

amazing designs in this contest!