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Nico Langeveld - 20d ago
Contest - Home and Garden Template

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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libbylu1161 - 19d ago

Are we allowed to add walls into the garden part? I know that the rules say that we can't structurally change any of the walls that are already in the template, but I was wondering if we could add in walls outside.

libbylu1161 19d ago
Valentinapenta - 17d ago

You did a great job with the garden template Nico. 

ZsuzsannaCs - 16d ago

It is very strange that there is no a such fence in the program , which surrounds the house!

ZsuzsannaCs 16d ago
diwka - 16d ago

Hello! Could you tell, where to get flowers in pots for indoor?

diwka 16d ago
Nico Langeveld - 14d ago

@libbylu1161 Yes, to make like a shed or garden walls for instance. Just don't make like an extention of the house or modify the room architecture.

@Valentina thank you! some very nice designs in there too!

Theadora - 14d ago


Would it be possible to alter the program to allow the person who flagged a design to remove the flag. You have just clarified that creating garden walls are o.k. and I have flagged these designs because they didn't follow the brief.  

Theadora 14d ago
anchajaya - 13d ago

Thank you Nico for your contests, I really like how these contests is allow me to axle my creations. :)

anchajaya 13d ago
Nico Langeveld - 12d ago

@theodora no, that's not possible, but that doesn't matter. It's not automated, we do a check on multiple flagged entries. Mistakes can happen, eh, so no problem ?

Theadora - 12d ago

No problem, thanks so much! :) 

Theadora 12d ago
abards97 - 10d ago


Are we allowed to change the color of the walls, floors, windows, and doors? We just can't change it structurally, right?

abards97 10d ago
abards97 - 10d ago


Nevermind, lol, I looked at the already submitted ones and saw others changed colors :) 

abards97 10d ago
barnyard_gal - 6d ago
sad to see that the contest ended already. I got backed up in school and hadn't any time to get on here and submit my room. good luck to you all who did enter tho!
Kawaii mousie - 6h ago


will do