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Nico Langeveld - 20d ago
Contest - Geometric Patterns

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Shoe690 - 19d ago

What does 'remix' mean???

Shoe690 19d ago
Shoe690 - 19d ago

It said that someone called Jenniferlzippel remixed it on my email... when i clicked on remix it said:  


You have no access to this design.

The design was either deleted or made private.

Shoe690 19d ago
carmenouloulou - 19d ago
remix veux dire que si par exemple jadore la piece que tu as fais je peux cliquer sur ta piece et apres cliquer sur remix et sa va m'emmener sur ta piece pour que je puisse voir comment tu la fais ainsi que les etapes
Theadora - 19d ago

When you get a notice that someone has remixed your design that means that a copy was made and saved to someone else's profile. The bummer message means that the person who made the copy has kept it private. This is totally acceptable and a great way to learn how an interesting design was created or to find out what the name of an item is that you would like to use in your design.  :) 

Theadora 19d ago
straley123456 - 19d ago

What do u win if you do these contests?

Shoe690 - 18d ago


Shoe690 18d ago
EDW - 18d ago

hello all, can someone recommend some good powerful downlighters that actually have an impact on the design please? i have tried quite a few to achieve this LED concealed lighting effect but none seems to make any difference to the final result 

also maybe the developers could consider adding a strong enough  LED line lighting on the range 

many thanks in advance! e 

EDW 18d ago
straley123456 - 18d ago


you can change the lighting by clicking on the product and using to lightbulb tab

jaiden2006 - 18d ago

How do you get such a great selection on windows? My selection is minimal.  I want something different! Also, Apply Scenery has only worked for me once. how do i fix this? my window looks onto my geo wall. 

jaiden2006 18d ago
Theadora - 17d ago


Check out the contests and Remix designs that have lights you are interested in to find out their names. According to TVRenders (staff) there is a cap limit of 12-16 lights in the normal renders with some chandeliers having multiple lights.

There is no limit in photorealistic renders.

Theadora 17d ago
Theadora - 17d ago


Click on the top icon "Build room layout" in the menu and drag and drop a window or door. Click on it again and you can  adjust the window or door to whatever size you want.

When you drag and drop your scenery make sure the green tick mark shows before you drop your scenery.

It might be a good idea to read Roomstyler's manual at the top of the Forum page, it explains how to create a design.

Theadora 17d ago
EDW - 17d ago

thank you guys for your responses! 

EDW 17d ago
Theadora - 17d ago

Why are there so many bedrooms (9 so far) in what is supposed to be a living room contest?

Theadora 17d ago
kitty - 15d ago

Have you flagged them?

I noticed 4 last time I looked and checked to re-read brief as I've been working on a living room for days and didn't want to get it wrong!

kitty 15d ago
Theadora - 15d ago

Yes, I have flagged them (up to 10 now).

I've noticed that even long standing members have decided not to bother with  briefs anymore (see Kitchen with Bar). Since Roomstyler doen't remove them what's the use of flagging, they might as well remove that feature/option.

Theadora 15d ago
Shoe690 - 15d ago


Shoe690 15d ago
kitty - 15d ago

the most annoying thing also is when totally pointless designs get votes in contests (i.e.; in artist studio contest there is an exterior of a building and another design of just bare white walls..each got a vote) this is wasting votes which would be better off going to more deserving designers who have at least answered the brief.

I've now flagged the bedroom designs too btw

kitty 15d ago
Theadora - 15d ago

I'm quite sure these "designs" are being voted for by people who have more than 1 account so they can vote for themselves. There are a few of these around, surprisingly some of them are longstanding members who regularly enter more than 1 design in a contest. Needless to say they never get a like or vote from me....

Theadora 15d ago
kitty - 15d ago

I never realised! though some designs are very similar.

Its a bit pathetic really to go to that trouble to get votes.

wheres the joy in designing?

I must say I was tempted to leave the site again because i felt down hearted by not getting 'likes' on my designs but then I thought 'hell no! I design because I love doing it not to just get likes.

kitty 15d ago
Theadora - 14d ago

Way to go kitty! I don't get many likes either, especially on my room make-overs, but I'll always prefer them over contests. :) 

We'll just have to accept that:

1. There are people who are better at designing than we are (some are professionals) who will win contests on a regular basis.

2. Photorealistic designs have an advantage and usually get more votes/likes.

3. As long as this same group of people keeps winning contests, they can continue to use their (well deserved) won credits to create more photorealistic designs whilst everybody else has to either do without or buy them.

3. That Roomstyler's involvement in the contests leaves a lot to be desired.

4. That there will always be cheaters.

The above not withstanding, I am very grateful to be able to use this free site. :)


Theadora 14d ago
Nico Langeveld - 14d ago

@Theodora weird indeed that there are so many bedrooms in here. Thanks for flagging, I withdrew them from the contest.

Theadora - 14d ago

Thank you Nico, much appreciated.

Hopefully you can make the time to keep on top of removal of flagged entries in future contests. :) 

Theadora 14d ago
kitty - 14d ago

thank you Nico!

kitty 14d ago
donella - 13d ago

Sad to say designs that don't fit the brief may have been removed but i have just looked at the entries and have flagged at least 5 rooms that are not living rooms.

It is really annoying when i like many others take time to design a room that fits only to find rooms that don't get more votes than me. I'm not sure what these people feel they are gaining its not really entering into the sprit of things

donella 13d ago
Theadora - 12d ago

I agree, same thing is happening in the Home and Garden Template contest where the brief is:

Living room with the option to ADD a Kitchen, dining table or both - not replace the Living room with a Kitchen and/or Dining area.

A lot are missing the Living room area, (i.e. couch/easy chair).

So far no designs have been removed from that contest.

Theadora 12d ago
Nico Langeveld - 12d ago
We removed some more in both contests. thanks for flagging.
Theadora - 12d ago

Thank you Nico, much appreciated. :) 

Theadora 12d ago
kitty - 10d ago

thank you.

kitty 10d ago
mz_little_bit - 9d ago

I know I won't win. My designs seem to go unnoticed.  But I had fun doing this. 

Shoe690 - 9d ago

good spirit!

Shoe690 9d ago
Theadora - 8d ago


 Don't feel ignored, with the exception of the top designers a lot of us get about the same amount of likes as you do (just check out people's profile pages. :)

It might be a good idea to start following more people and being more generous with your likes, in turn they might start following you thus increasing the chance of receiving more likes.

I'm glad you're having a good time - that's really the only thing that counts! :)

Theadora 8d ago
mz_little_bit - 8d ago

Theadora, I guess that might explain likes.  But it doesn't really explain contest votes and why good designs are sometimes getting nothing or at best 1 or 2 votes.  In comparison to some rooms that you could stand on your head and still find little to no creativity....I'm talking about the rooms that have 2-3 pieces of unrelated furniture done from an overhead view that leaves you wondering how it fits.  Yet somehow those rooms get votes.  I guess as you pointed out above, there is little fairness within the contests.  Thanks again for the advice.  I'll try to remember that all's fair in love and war and beyond that it's questionable ;)

kitty - 8d ago

@mz_little_bit I hear you! my boyfriend and I often laugh at the fact some unrendered or completely irrelevant designs get more votes than rooms I've spent ages perfecting and agonising over in contests.

I rarely get more than 3 votes and have lost hope of ever winning.

kitty 8d ago
Theadora - 8d ago


Pls read my above comments again, the reasons we don't get more votes are right there. :)


I think I've won 3 or 4 contests in the 9 years I've been here. Life's too short to give much thought to winning contests, I just use the them to showcase my new and old designs and that's good enough for me. :) 

Theadora 8d ago
LB1981 - 7d ago

Theadora can I just ask, you mentioned photorealistic renders in contests - If you use credits to do a higher quality render before entering a contest, does that mean the better render is used for the contest automatically rather than the basic one?

LB1981 7d ago
kitty - 7d ago

@Theadora...I totally agree I won't ever win a contest again as all my 'wins' were back in Mydeco days!

but tbh the vain side of me wants to get more 'likes'! I know its silly : )

kitty 7d ago
Theadora - 7d ago

Hi LB1981

It's the latest render you did that is automatically used.

If you render your design in HD (1 credit) you can re-render in HD as often as you need until you're happy with your design.

If you render in Photorealistic (3 credits) you can re-render 3 times. If you're not happy with it after the 3rd time you have to spend another 3 credits to try again which can get "expensive".  

Theadora 7d ago
Theadora - 7d ago

Hi kitty,

That's not silly, it's always nice to know people appreciate your efforts. I'll be keeping an eye on

Theadora 7d ago
mz_little_bit - 7d ago

and I am completely the opposite....go figure.  I can understand how not having  the 'right' friends can not get you likes.  However, if all rooms entered in a contest should stand an equal chance, why are only certain people winning?  I would think in some ways the odds for number of votes should increase not decrease if you truly have a decent room.  Which therefore leaves me wondering what is wrong with my designs if I am not getting votes.  At best I am getting 1 maybe 2 votes if that.  I really did not think my designs were that bad.  They certainly are not that overhead view of a nearly empty room that somehow gets more votes than I ever do (need a really good emoji to insert here)

Theadora - 7d ago

I think the fact that you've been on Roomstyler for 7 months, have 23 public rooms and only follow 8 people has a lot to do with the lack of likes/votes.

Theadora 7d ago
Theadora - 7d ago


Something strange going on here...I checked your timeline...with the exception of a few likes for some of the last 2 template room contest designs you have only been giving likes to designs that are old, like years old...1 even going back 7 years. What's up with that?! 

Theadora 7d ago
Theadora - 7d ago


Deja Vu

Well, that took me a while to figure out, same M.O. and I feel really stupid.....

Welcome back Interiors by Laura/and_sew_on/brdybnch0401

Please don't continue this "conversation" we really had enough last time, thank you.

Theadora 7d ago
starsector - 7d ago

Yes, my thoughts exactly ;)

starsector 7d ago
mz_little_bit - 6d ago

So let me get this straight...there are rules saying who and what I am allowed to like?  I don't remember my exact reasons at the time of liking a room.  Perhaps there was a contest and I was looking for ideas to inspire me.  I was not aware that we could only like current projects. As to whoever you are referring to I have no clue and will gladly leave this conversation.  You clearly have some issues.  I merely made one statement and you went completely crazy.   WOW is all I can say.

LB1981 - 6d ago

@Theadora thanks for the info on renders for contests - very helpful, as always in this forum - I appreciate it! =)

LB1981 6d ago
Kawaii mousie - 2d ago

i will try my best of my ability