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Rekucimuci - 2m ago
staircase issue

HI, I'm trying to replicate a certain floorpan to see if I'm ok with the selected lights and furniture in it, so I need a staircase that attached to a little box room at the end. All the staircase are tiny,  or can't fit them in. But generally too narrow. I needed around 1.35m wide. I tried to double them next to each other, but all have handrails so they look like elevators. Any suggestions, what trick I could use? Thanks

Rekucimuci 2m ago
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Theadora - 2m ago

Go to Architecture and you'll find a series of white staircases without handrails.

Theadora 2m ago
hauser - 2m ago

Make it public, so we can find asolution together

hauser 2m ago
Ivan Azzopardi - 1 month ago

stairs are a nightmare in this application....

Ivan Azzopardi 1 month ago
hauser - 1 month ago
hauser 1 month ago