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Netskie - 1 month ago
Can wallpaper/Wall murals chosen for design be purchased?

I have chosen wallpaper for my Livingroom design. This is going to be a real project and am trying in vain to find my chosen wall covering to buy but can't find it. Its called Creative Camden 260 from Betterliving.  Are all items on Roomstyler available to purchase in real world?  

Thanks in advance 

Netskie :) 

Netskie 1 month ago
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Theadora - 1 month ago

Sometimes the item appears underneath your design as "Featured Products" click on it to find out how/wher to buy it. You can also click on "See all products used in this design", when this does not work contact Roomstyler directly. 

Theadora 1 month ago
hauser - 1 month ago
hauser 1 month ago
Netskie - 1 month ago

Ah I understand. Thank you for your help. Very much appreciated. 

Netskie 1 month ago