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Nico Langeveld - 1 month ago
Contest - Spring Dining

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Nico Langeveld 1 month ago
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mz_little_bit - 1 month ago

clarification please?  Instructions call for a dining room.  Is a dining area in a kitchen a dining room?

mz_little_bit 1 month ago
LSCo - 1 month ago

@mz_little_bit I'm pretty sure it's up to you, as long as it is green and fits with the spring theme. :)

LSCo 1 month ago
Nico Langeveld - 1 month ago

@mz_little_bit yes, that's accepted

Nico Langeveld 1 month ago
mz_little_bit - 1 month ago

thank you Nico

mz_little_bit 1 month ago
aubriconradt820 - 27d ago

how do you get the landscape view in the windows?

BohoCHicc - 26d ago

Paste this video to your search bar, it definetly help me!

BohoCHicc 26d ago
faylynn96 - 25d ago

How do you submit design . I keep getting a message saying  not rendered ??

faylynn96 25d ago
Theadora - 25d ago


You are on a subdomain . Remix your room and wipe over livingspaces.  -  delete that part - you are now on - re-render your design and enter in the contest. 

If this does not work contact Roomstyler directly and they will help you fix it. :) 

Theadora 25d ago
kitty - 19d ago

so many great entries on this theme!

kitty 19d ago