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Nico Langeveld - 1 month ago
Interprint Contest - Haring Oak

Feel free lto talk about this regarding this contest in here.

Nico Langeveld 1 month ago
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kitty - 1 month ago

will there be 25 winners in this contest too?

kitty 1 month ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 30d ago

I look at a lot of work in the competition, there are very nice rooms, but in many designs I don't feel like a kids room. Some of the rooms are like adults' rooms, white, colorless, empty and without toys. For me, the 13-14-year-olds are no longer children but teenagers. I say there are many wonderful designs here, but not as a children's room!

ZsuzsannaCs 30d ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 30d ago

I'm sorry that I have written here,  but already I can't write for the Bunk bed competition.

ZsuzsannaCs 30d ago
Nico Langeveld - 22d ago

The contest winners are picked by Interprint. Congratulations for the winners and for all the beautiful rooms! Have fun with your credits.

starsector - 21d ago

Thanks to Interprint and Roomstyler for another fun contest! :)

starsector 21d ago
kitty - 20d ago

Yes! it was great ! looking forward to more like this : )

kitty 20d ago