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bnu - 25d ago
Removing photorealistic render

Hello, sorry if this has been asked before. I'm still a newbie when it comes to 4K and photorealistic renders....

If I remove a photorealistic render on a room, do I loose the credits? Sorry if this seems like a basic question, I just didn't want to try it in case I do loose the credits.

bnu 25d ago
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Theadora - 25d ago

Sorry, you do loose the credits... :( 

Theadora 25d ago
bnu - 25d ago

Thank you! Good to know before I tried it!

bnu 25d ago
Theadora - 25d ago

I was too quick with my get 3 tries...

Theadora 25d ago
bnu - 25d ago

How do you mean? I know I get 3 tries to photo-render it on the same room, but say if I have one try left and then I remove the photorealistic render completely, do I get the 3 credits back (and the 3 tries) for use on another room?

bnu 25d ago
starsector - 25d ago

No, we don't get our credits back (except for when the render fails).  hth 

starsector 25d ago
bnu - 24d ago

Ok, thanks for clarifying both, Theadora and starsector :)

bnu 24d ago
kitty - 11d ago

Sorry Starsector can you clarify something please?

Ive done a photorealistic render on a design but its come out far too dark I therefore wish to re-render it with different light settings.

When I click to do photorealistic it states that it will cost 3 credits-does this therefore mean that we don't get 3 tries at rendering the same design with different light settings for the credits Ive already spent?

quite sad because its so dark that the free render looks much better!

kitty 11d ago
starsector - 11d ago

Hi kitty, this may be more info than you need but for the new members, bear with me... :)

once you've done your first Photorealistic render (and your main room image page is refreshed), roll your cursor over the 3 white dots in the lower left hand corner.  On the popup menu, at the Photorealistic link, it should show a number 3 meaning you get 3 more retries.  So then a person makes their changes on the planner, save the room again, refresh the page (now the photorealistic image is replaced with a regular render).

Then go back to the popup menu from the 3 white dots, click Photorealistic link again, and when the new image is rendered and the page refreshed, that same link should now show a number 2 (for two retries remaining).

Continue this process, if needed, making changes on the planner, saving the room, refresh for a regular render, click Photorealistic link for a Retry, refresh the page, etc.  Once all the retries are used, the Photorealistic link just has the name again, with no number.  If a person wants, they can then purchase another render series for 3 more credits by clicking the Photorealistic link, and following the steps above.

Hope that helps :)

starsector 11d ago
LaModeCeleste - 11d ago

thank you, Starsector! don't mean to butt in here but i was wondering about that just the other day, in case one of my renders came out darker that i would have liked it <333

kitty - 10d ago

Hi I've done this but the 3 tries button only shows when I click the original dark photorealistic rendered one-the re-edited one only comes up with the 3 credit cost box.

do I need to remove the photorealistic render THEN do the re-edit re try??

kitty 10d ago
kitty - 10d ago

Ok so...I removed the photorealistic render then tried to edit and redo the same image and again I only get the box telling me its 3 credits.

I'm new to using photorealistic render and still lost as to how to get the 3 tries on the same room with edits

because when pressing the option to re-render and use one of the tries it never gave me the option to edit the room.

hope this makes sense!

kitty 10d ago
starsector - 10d ago

I hope I'm understanding now :)  Is it possible you used up your retries without realizing it, while you were looking for an 're-edit' option?

We just Re-edit/re-save the room the same as any other design~Open your planner using your Edit link from the 3 white dots (or if your planner was already open...), make changes as you normally would, then save it as you normally would.  When you think it's done with the regular render, just refresh your room page image as you normally would.

Then, go back to the 3 white dots/popup menu/Photorealistic link.  There's where you purchase a new series for 3 credits (or else see how many retries you have remaining).

So in other words, the Photorealistic link (or HD/4K/Panorama) has nothing to do with the editing/saving.  It's only processing what you've already saved through the regular process through their photorealistic servers.  Hope that's a little more clearer?

starsector 10d ago
starsector - 10d ago

The only other thing that I can think of, as to why you haven't seen the Retries number after the Photorealistic link, is possibly it shows on the popup menu from your main room page only(but not a room image that's accessed through email? or from the Transaction page?)  Don't really know about that.

starsector 10d ago
kitty - 9d ago

Its all very weird. I used another 3 credits to do another photorealistic render and its still dark but I'm going with it and making it public anyway because its still (to my eyes anyway!) lovely and looks like an old master painting!

kitty 9d ago
starsector - 8d ago

I agree, it's a really cool effect!  I especially love the reflection in the mirror dividers!

But the reason it's still so dark is that your chandler is turned off.  Plus you have the sun setting at Northeast, yet your windows are North and West, which limits how much sunlight angles in.

starsector 8d ago
hauser - 8d ago

Photorealistic Render got different settings by RS.  Normal Render is like automatic modus in a camera. It corrects "mistakes" by the user and so lighten it up. A photorealistic render is always darker than a normal render if you don´t change the settings . At the beginning start with the presettings RS gives you for every light and new room. 

hauser 8d ago
kitty - 8d ago

Ok thank you for explanation. tbh I had no idea the orientation of my windows was north and west..I'll have to remember to check this going forward.

 I tend to turn off lights in rooms as sometimes they can be a bit much but I may play with them more next time I try photorealistic.

Thanks Starsector btw..I love the way the room looks even though its dark it reminds me of an old painting but I just felt that unless its enlarged it may look just undefined and dark.

kitty 8d ago
starsector - 7d ago

Kitty, you can click on the lightbulb icon in the left panel, and then use the little dropdown menus to change the direction of your sunlight (all 360 degrees!) plus change the angle of the sun (high, medium low).  This is so much cooler and helpful than the old days, right?! when the sun came from one corner only and we had to build our rooms/windows around it :)

And remember, photorealistic renders to not add the extra 'wash' of light through the room like regular renders do.  Photorealistic relies entirely on the sunlight through the windows/doors and the light fixtures in the room.  

starsector 7d ago
kitty - 7d ago

Thanks Starsector!....I already use the lightbulb slider to set light settings but as I've only ever done 2 photorealistic renders usually doing the  1 credit options the abilities of photorealistic are new to me..I almost wish we could get a 'preview' image of what our design would look like before we spend the 3 credits..I guess thats what the 3 tries does but lord knows how I messed that up!!!

Yes its true Roomstyler has come on leaps and bounds since the old Mydeco days!

When I started there were no light settings lights couldn't go on and off, no scenery options option to create own wall art! sounds like the dark ages doesn't it??

I do however miss the ability to delete items simply by clicking on the 'room properties/items' drop down list thats especially good if trying to delete small fiddly items rather than clicking directly onto the design where sometimes its easy to make errors if say there are lots of items on a wall.

kitty 7d ago
hauser - 7d ago

And remember, light needs reflection. If the room behind the camera is too big,  light is "eaten up" .  This also happens, if the wallcolour is dark or a dark image is covering the wall like in your room.

hauser 7d ago
kitty - 6d ago

@hauser thanks for this added tip!

kitty 6d ago
hauser - 6d ago

I couldnot resist,  ;-) ... 

hauser 6d ago
kitty - 6d ago

Show off : )) X

kitty 6d ago
hauser - 6d ago

pühh,  ;-) . Yours is different, but same level. But if you remix mine, you can see the differences in light settings between normal render and photorealistic render. 

hauser 6d ago