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Nico Langeveld - 25d ago
Contest - Swimming Pool

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Theadora - 22d ago

"Design a swimming pool".

Confused again...

The word "design" in the brief indicates we have to create the pool ourselves - no pre-manufactured ones that are available on RS.

Is that right?

Theadora 22d ago
Nico Langeveld - 21d ago

You can use the pre-made ones. The swimming pool is not just about the pool itself, but also the place around it making the atmosphere, like tables and chairs, vegetation, some fun stuff maybe like a slide.

Theadora - 21d ago

Thanks Nico! :) 

Theadora 21d ago
deemuri_co - 12d ago

For me, your time contest ends is deceiving.  When a person sees three days left you tend to think you have three days left ...  to submit then contest ends, when actually a person has only one day left and the other two days are for voting.  If you cant submit, it has already ended.

deemuri_co 12d ago
starsector - 12d ago

Just for clarity, when the countdown hits 3 days, 0 minutes, 0 secs, the 'submit your design' button disappears and voting buttons appear so that members can vote during the remaining 3 days.

starsector 12d ago
deemuri_co - 12d ago

Right.  Got it.  I'm just saying prior to figuring that out it is misleading when you come on and see 7 days left when it is only 4 days.  We are all capable of doing the math, once we figure out that is the recipe.   I'm sure many newbies will find out as I did, and that is when you come back to finish your room or submit but find out you can't, the submit button is gone and it's only open to voting.  I'm not angry or anything, hell in my life there are bigger fish to fry, this is nothing ... I'm just saying it's really not clear at first.

deemuri_co 12d ago
Theadora - 12d ago

To make it even more confusing, you can submit entries till the last minute in the contests sponsored by Interprint. 

Theadora 12d ago
starsector - 12d ago

Yes, that happens alot, unfortunately.  There's quite a few details about the contests that aren't written anywhere, so I recently put as many together as I could think of on this thread:

starsector 12d ago
deemuri_co - 12d ago

Very cool, thanks.  People here are very generous, helpful and talented.  I stumbled across that mix ...whatever ... where you can see how people create what they did.  I'm blown away at the eye and talent of many ... lol, I can't figure out half the stuff even tho I've picked apart a persons work to learn.  I didn't know you can do that and it doesn't change the original.  How awesome and kudos to the programmer or coder or whoever put together room styler. It's so much fun and it helps me leave a sometimes overwhelming and depressing life, so thank you and the universe for a great escape and balance! :)

deemuri_co 12d ago
Teri Dawn - 11d ago

So many great designs!

Teri Dawn 11d ago
lovedsign - 10d ago

@deemuri_co, I made a swimming pool and I thought I had 3 days left, but the minute I was ready to enter it, it was over and the voting started... Oh well next time...

lovedsign 10d ago
deemuri_co - 9d ago

LOL, I've done it a few times.  Really, not a big deal.  I appreciate the contest to give an idea of what to do mostly.

deemuri_co 9d ago
lovedsign - 7d ago


lovedsign 7d ago