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Contest - Citizen OAK

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here ;)

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LeilaniD04 - 12d ago

Every time  I enter the template room, it says that I can't because I remixed the template room......

LeilaniD04 12d ago
Theadora - 11d ago

The contest is over.

Theadora 11d ago

This contest is officially finished! Thank you for participating. All the winners got an email and earned 20 credits. Have fun with it! Congratulations for the winners and the wonderful rooms you made!

starsector - 3d ago

So many beautiful designs!  Congrats!

starsector 3d ago
kitty - 2d ago

Thank You! I was beyond delighted to win...I phoned my boyfriend at work yelling 'I've won!! I've won!!" and he thought I'd won the lottery :  ) 

Needless to say when I said No its 20 room styler credits I've won, he was a bit disappointed but I was still over the moon !! 

kitty 2d ago