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help me!

People are accusing me of copying other peoples designs, even though I didn't! 

Yesterday i made this design called mmmm........the kitchen was inspired by my friends house

but 3 people butted in and started making rude comments on my design saying that I copied another persons design! :(

If people don't have anything nice to say....then they shouldn't say it at all! And theres one specific person who's been doing it a lot! 

What can I do to stop this?

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Ellie665 - 8d ago

I’m really sorry that this is happening to you. Nobody should be putting down a twelve year old for their creativity. I absolutely love this design and am so jealous of your friends kitchen. I have noticed that their have been a lot more negative comments then positive comment. Whoever puts down a twelve year old for their creativity and style is just plain mean. For now you should just ignore this person because their obviously jealous of you and your design abilities. I hope we can put an end to this negative posting. Great job on your design NEVERQUITDESIGNIT

Ellie665 8d ago
starsector - 8d ago

I agree that rudeness or insults are not needed.  However, since the designs in question are for contests with prizes, it's unrealistic to think that people shouldn't, or wouldn't, say something about similarity between members' designs.  People naturally want the contests to be fair.

We all get inspirations from others, and learn techniques or items from others.  But that's not the same as duplicating another's designs with the same layout, items and lights, door/window placement, wood and tile choices, and camera angle, etc.  And quite frankly, it's impossible to have happened by coincidence.

The reason that Remixes are blocked from contests is that we've had problems in the past with members remixing someone's design and entering into contests as their own.

Since that time, we've had members who copy designs by opening one planner and literally duplicating the room by searching for items/textures and placement.  I think that can be a great learning tool for new members, but it's the kind of thing that should be kept private on ones dashboard, not made public or entered into contests as one's own original work.  We've had a few fly-by-night users who've done that as a type of 'trollish' behavior.  Probably trying to deliberately provoke the other members who work hard on their own original work.

As fun and wonderful as it is to win in the contests, if a member isn't winning for their own original work, their own vision and skill, what have they really won?

starsector 8d ago
Theadora - 7d ago

Well said Starsector, thank you. :)

Theadora 7d ago

Thanks Starsector and Lydia!

babe no think in people, u are young, and can do all what u want only need more time and learn new techniques, You have some designs that really are very well combined ♥

and for all people who read this, share is wisdom 

if u wanna help, do it all for help, no with derogatory comments 

Wow! that was beautiful! Thanks so much for all of your help...all of you! 

I really needed it! 


These people will not stop making rude remarks on my designs! I've tried to stop it but they keep commenting! 

I'm thinking about leaving RS and moving to if this keeps up

I hope I don't have to leave RS but if I need to then I Will

starsector - 7d ago

@XXXDecoration, it is completely inappropriate and irresponsible for you to share your personal email address with a minor and encourage her to communicate with you privately without her parent's permission.  I've flagged your post and sent a note to the RS team.

starsector 7d ago

okay i think its correct, but i  differentiate myself by the rest of the people for being a good girl and have compassion, This email i use for help people here not only for her , mine is i dont have any problems,

I'm just looking for good and share my knowledge on this page with other people without differences :C 

I dont care about  age or  race, Im not going to corrupt anyone as they usually do in this world. 

starsector - 7d ago

Neverquit, everybody understands that you're a young person and may not always have good judgement. But the job of young people is to learn from the older, more experienced adults around them who attempt to teach proper social etiquette, whether on this site or in the real world.

Everybody enjoys the attention that comes with compliments and praise.  But if praise is given for work that is not really one's own, isn't it hollow and meaningless since the compliments are actually for the original?

And eventually the truth of the situation comes out.  Then a person not only loses that praise, but has unfortunately set themselves up for harsh criticism and loss of their good name and reputation.

I don't condone anyone 'piling on' any member on the site, but it's really in your hands as to whether the situation is put back on positive footing.  

That requires taking responsibility for the problem rather than 'doubling-down'.  

starsector 7d ago

I dont want to look impolite but this conversation is getting too long, for the simple that  its is ...

starsector - 7d ago

@xxxdecor,  adults that prey on children always assure them they mean no harm, and often pretend to be other teenagers on the net.  All you are doing is teaching Neverquit to trust strangers on the internet.

Also, you posted above that people should give Neverquit wisdom, not criticism.  Real wisdom doesn't come in Fortune Cookies size platitudes.

starsector 7d ago

okay u have the whole reason of the world, @NEVERQUITDESIGNIT if u wanna talk with me i need u mom call me on video call I will never do it if your mother is not there, If your dream is related to decoration ur mom can call me ♥♥♥♥ 

I talk about what I know, so much love for all ♥ 

Theadora - 7d ago


Besides comments I posted (which btw were not rude at all) pointing out that the designs you entered into contests were copies, only one person (whom I won't name) posted a totally appropriate comment which you deleted.


"It is very rude to tell someone to "shut up" when we are only pointing out that aside from some *very* minor changes (lighting, decorations) this room is an exact replica of iraa's. If you are going to keep being so rude and hostile, I will go to the admin of this site. Yes, many of us from time to time borrow someone else's room. But we make it our own (keep the shape, but use different furniture, colors, etc) and we do not claim it's our design (or we keep it locked to private)."

Some discrepancies (fibs) that have shown up over time: 

Being 12 years old for a few years on several accounts, changing to age 14 as you saw fit.


Your mom supposedly past away from cancer but your latest comment suggests otherwise. " my mom always says Never Quit and i thought that Design It rhymed with it perfectly so it became by name!

Just letting you know that I will continue to put a comment on any copied design I come across that's submitted to a contest. It will say: "Flagged - This is a copy of" - insert original designer's name.

It's very unfortunate that so many RS members blindly believe whatever a member posts. Because of this some members are given likes and votes that really should be given to the original designers.    


Theadora 7d ago

12 years old? according to this she's 11 (read comments).  But seriously in looking at your profile, 90%+ are direct remixes.  At least 3 that were not direct remixes I have been able to personally identify the original designer.  If I can see this, how many other people do you think can see the same thing?

Lies have a nasty little habit of catching up with you.  You can switch to a new program, but if you keep up the same behavior, it's only a matter of time before it will catch up with you.

You and you alone know the 'real' truth.  But if you are willing to keep lying to peoples face, then be prepared to make enemies.  I believe Starsector said you had the power to correct this.  However, continuing to lie about it will only make matters worse than if you just came clean about everything...age, real identity, mom, designs. 

You've created a real mess and it's up to you how you get out of it.  I don't believe everyone has turned their back on you. But that might be only a matter of time, if you choose to continue with the lies.  The funny thing about lies is not only do you make yourself look bad, but it also says you have very little respect for the people you are telling them to.  You believe that their intelligence is lacking enough they will believe all your lies.  Disrespect will only breed disrespect.  If you want others to respect you then you need to respect yourself enough to be honest.

kitty - 6d ago

@NEVERQUITDESIGN may I point out that in the 12 years I have used this site you are the only person who has EVER made negative comments about my designs.

Age is not an excuse for childish behavior and I'm sorry to say that your posts on this forum are largely designed to attract attention to yourself and are not particularly of interest to the whole room styler community.

You constantly mention your age as if this is somehow meant to make us look at you in a more benign manner when you post negative comments or copy other peoples work. 

The fact you do keep mentioning your age (it was 10 not so long ago I seem to remember..then 12..) makes me wonder if you are indeed as young as you say you are.

As regards the earlier post by someone giving their personal email address to 'help' and give advice this I agree with @Starsector is inappropriate.

any advice re;design can be given openly via this forum or leaned through the sites links to tips and how to use the tools.

@NEVERQUITDESIGN you seem to enjoy creating a drama and acting as the victim..This site is not the right place to do so, its a fun place for people aged 8 to 80

to  express their creativity and love of interior design.

kitty 6d ago
kitty - 6d ago

@Designs I Love Well said!!!!

kitty 6d ago

Believe we're being scammed by someone who obviously has problems?  I feel sorry for them, and hope they get the help they obviously need.   

Jade Autumn - 6d ago

I am the one who left the comment about the rudeness, and about "borrowing" from others but making it *our own* by changing colors, furniture, etc. that @Theodora referred to.

I am thinking that this is an extremely troubled individual who cannot keep their stories straight now.  

Karma will always come back to you in the end.

LB1981 - 6d ago


"Just letting you know that I will continue to put a comment on any copied design I come across that's submitted to a contest. It will say: "Flagged - This is a copy of" - insert original designer's name."

I noticed a design that's been entered in the Scandinavian Kitchen contest that is blatantly a copy of someone else's design. I flagged the copy in the contest but I haven't made a comment on the design page. I'm wondering if I should now?

the original (4 days ago):

the copy (3 days ago):


The truth will see the light of day eventually. It's how you deal with it that really matters.

LB1981 6d ago

Stupid words and poor minds, with the problems that exist in the world, 

¿what are you guys painting? vindicating here? and talk about karma for a girl? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

kitty - 5d ago

@Roomstyler I personally feel this thread should be locked or closed.

As its getting nobody anywhere and in what should be a friendly supportive community one troubled individual has stirred up a lot of emotion be it negative or positive.

kitty 5d ago

yeah agree @Roomstyler

Theadora - 5d ago


Flagging is good when it concerns a design that doesn't follow the brief.

However, when a copied design has been flagged there is no way for RS to know why so in that case a short comment by one person (no "piling on") would help them decide whether the design is acceptable.


This comment would also send a message to the person who copied and give him/her a chance to withdraw the design and submit a new one.

Deciding whether or not to place a comment on someone's design is up to each individual. We have to be careful not to turn this into a witch hunt by going after any copy you see outside of contests, let the person who's design was copied comment on them. We should just keep an eye out for copies submitted to contests only.

There is a difference between outright copying making no/few changes and copying/making changes. The first is just plain wrong while the last is a learning experience and acceptable. Both types of copies don't belong in a contest though.    

Theadora 5d ago
kitty - 5d ago

@Theadora good point.

I think the problem stems from some members seeing this as a 'popularity contest' like gathering instagram likes or followers as opposed to it being seen as a creative and inspirational tool to design rooms from.

personally that is why I prefer contests judged by brands or Roomstyler staff.

I think its fairer as designs are voted for on their pure merit or content not just by people asking for 'likes' or getting friends to vote so they win.

kitty 5d ago

Dear @Designs I love,

I am 12 years old....I turned twelve in January

My mom did not die from cancer, my Friends mom did....she was very close to me and I even called her mom sometimes....sorry for the mixup.

I admit,  I do remix designs and I should make a lot of them private.

I'm sorry for everything I have done! I do love theatre arts and art Kitty....but I try not to start drama. I'm really truly sorry! But I think that this thread should be deleted or blocked because this is getting out of hand. Can we please just forget about this and move on?

So Sorry,


Dear RS members,

I'm so very sorry for what I have done.

I am 12 years old.

My best friends mom died form cancer....she was super close to me and I sometimes called her mom.

I know I need to stop remixing designs and copying them....and I will. 

I'm so sorry....and I mean it!

Can we forget about this and move on?

sorry :(


SunshineAllie - 1d ago

@NEVERQUITDESIGNIT Its okay to make mistakes , even me being almost 15 , I still make mistakes. The best thing is that you learn not to do it again and that you countinue to shine !