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Hello loves, need i bit of you

opened this cos i want move along, I think all my designs are always the same,

¿maybe can help with a tips? 

I am open to your comments of my mistakes so i can improve ♥♥♥♥

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I can't really see any mistakes.  But after several years of tinkering with several different formats, something I enjoy doing when I run out of ideas is to find a room I really love on the web and see how I can duplicate or even improve on it. 

Orionaute - 4d ago

Download the Roomstyler manual here

It will help you on your way to make wonderful designs!

On top of forum, good luck

Orionaute 4d ago

Thaaank u so much guys, u all are  my inspiration ♥♥ 

Inna_Inas - 4d ago

I like your style and your designs! I don't find them all similar. You just have your own creative style that makes you different from other designers and recognizable, which is great! But if you need inspiration and you're running out of ideas, try to search interesting design on the internet, or check some old designs on Roomstyler. There are a lot of beautiful creations in here :)
Good luck! 

Inna_Inas 4d ago
kitty - 3d ago

Nothing wrong with your style, I really like your designs.

kitty 3d ago

infinite love you guysssss ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

SunshineAllie - 1d ago

In my eyes , I always say style doesn't matter , its a way of expressing you and maybe even your feelings at the time that you choose to make a room :)