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Unfinished Sentenc - 6 months ago
needing help on roof

I do know that it has a roof for you, but how do you make the roof on the inside like slanted or have a higher ceiling? 

Unfinished Sentenc 6 months ago
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starsector - 6 months ago

There are some items in the architectural category for slanted ceilings.  If you want higher ceilings, just click on any wall, then adjust the ceiling height from the left hand panel.

The roomstyler manual is the top link in the forum, above the green 'perma-links':

starsector 6 months ago
monaleo - 11d ago

all the walls seem to be locked, if i change the height of one they all change, so not sure how this created the slanted effect. Do you have a work around for this?

monaleo 11d ago
LB1981 - 11d ago

You need to use items in the 'architecture' category > 'special purpose structures' to achieve the slanted roof look. These items sit at the top of the wall so you may need to increase the wall height to use some of the bigger pieces effectively. There are also a few pieces that actually attach to a wall and can be moved up and down.

LB1981 11d ago
LB1981 - 11d ago

Also, we don't have a way of having different wall heights - changing the height of one wall changes the height of all the walls. One way around this is to use rectangular openings to cut away sections of the wall you want lower than the others.

LB1981 11d ago