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Nico Langeveld - 4 months ago
Contest - Expat Appartement

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Nico Langeveld 4 months ago
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Inna_Inas - 4 months ago

Hey, guys! I've submitted my design in this contest, but I'm not sure if I did it right. So I wonder, should it be open space with the kitchen or we can show one room? 

Inna_Inas 4 months ago
Designs I Love - 4 months ago

I think your design is amazing as is.  The guidelines called for no particular room(s).

Designs I Love 4 months ago
Carl Grimes - 4 months ago

Need clarification:  Should your design represent either thru decor or scenery or both your country / culture?  


Carl Grimes 4 months ago
starsector - 4 months ago

Hi Carl, the Brief states that "The interior should be suitable to make people feel at home and supply their needs, regardless of their culture or personal taste (because this is an unknown)".  So there's no way to represent a specific scenery, country, or culture. hth

starsector 4 months ago
Carl Grimes - 4 months ago

Appreciate your response Starsector.

Carl Grimes 4 months ago
agargidp - 4 months ago

I have been trying to submit my design the whole day and the page keeps up with the message "Make sure your design fits the description and it is rendered well" I have not been able to submit it. I am confused. There's no option of "Submit". Could this be due to non hd render or is it my internet???

agargidp 4 months ago
Theadora - 4 months ago

You have to submit an original design using your own template unless Roomstyler supplies one. I believe this is pointed out when you try to submit a design to a contest.

Theadora 4 months ago
JarvisLegg - 4 months ago

Could someone critique my design? It is called apartment 4 2

JarvisLegg 4 months ago
deemuri_co - 4 months ago

Personally, I won't vote for a one-room scene no matter how beautiful it is, let's face it that's a bit easier to do but since it mentions showing a design that meets all the needs  I'm looking for a representation of a kitchen and living room at least.  

deemuri_co 4 months ago
kitty - 4 months ago

So many good entries in this-hard to choose just 10 to vote for.

kitty 4 months ago
Crazy cat girl 10 - 4 months ago

They all look AWESOME hard to choose ive voted for three so far!

Crazy cat girl 10 4 months ago