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Jackson Moore - 5d ago
Brighten this up?

Hey I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me I'm sorta new at all this but I've been seeing these little shed designs lately and I wanted to get in on what looks like a "trend". However I think a messed it up please help. My main concern is lighting. I have made it public so if it works best to just go in and make changes your welcome to do that. 

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Theadora - 5d ago

1. Click on the lightbulb (Manage lights) and move the light slider to the right to get more light.

2. Experiment with the direction and altitude of the sun and brightness of your interior lights.

It's trial and error and takes a bit of practise. :)

Theadora 5d ago
Jackson Moore - 5d ago

Alright I think I got it I had a lower voltage light so I swapped out the light I think this solved my problem. 

hauser - 5d ago
hauser 5d ago
Jackson Moore - 5d ago

That looks awesome. Thanks for the help!