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Nico Langeveld - 26d ago
Contest - Yellow Bathroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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elLe94 - 25d ago

Hi.. I think that yellow is a risky color for a bathroom, but when combined with a dark brown or earthy color it is excellent. another solution would be to combine it with a black wall, the remaining yellow ones and use white accessories.

i'm italian, sorry for my english.... :)

elLe94 25d ago
cuneyt oznur - 20d ago
I agree with you eILe. Apologizing for the English as long as the I communicate through a translator to translate my songs to you, I live in turkey
cuneyt oznur 20d ago
elLe94 - 18d ago

ohh wow!! :)

elLe94 18d ago
LiveItUp - 15d ago

UMMM can anyone help me!!!! I am trying to submit my design...and it is not showing up... does anyone know why and how to fix it.....I would really appreciate if some one would help me ;() 

LiveItUp 15d ago
LiveItUp - 15d ago

please reply before the contest is over

LiveItUp 15d ago
LiveItUp - 15d ago

I am trying to submit my bathroom, but when I go to submit it my room is not showing up....does anyone know why and how I can fix. It would be a great help, and I would really appreciate it :)

LiveItUp 15d ago
Theadora - 15d ago

Your Bathroom shows on the Contest page so it's all good. :)

Theadora 15d ago
LiveItUp - 14d ago

Yeah I had just figured it out 15 minutes after I had posted this, sorry #mybad

LiveItUp 14d ago
deemuri_co - 14d ago

I wish there was a place to show ones we made pertaining to the current contest that we didn't choose as the one to submit or even be allowed to enter two. Inevitably I pick one to enter but when I show my daughter or friends they always like the ones I didn't choose as better.  

deemuri_co 14d ago
kitty - 13d ago

So many great entries-I found it SO hard to vote for just 10!!

kitty 13d ago
Teri Dawn - 13d ago

Yes @kitty! All so cute!

Teri Dawn 13d ago

Liveitup Just in case you did not know you have to make it public before entering.