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IP - Artisan Kitchen

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here ;)

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starsector - 24d ago

Yay!  A new Interprint contest!  Almost didn't see it on the forum :)

starsector 24d ago
TaisiBird - 23d ago

Can we change the walls, windows and door locations? Also, can we move the kitchen furniture? 

TaisiBird 23d ago
kitty - 22d ago

Can we move the actual kitchen or does it have to be on that wall?

kitty 22d ago
LB1981 - 22d ago

The contest brief says: "You can change anything accept the kitchen furniture with our ARTISAN oak!"

So... do whatever you want as long as it's a kitchen and you use that specific piece of kitchen furniture.

LB1981 22d ago
kitty - 21d ago

Thanks! X

kitty 21d ago
kitty - 21d ago

Another question- can we delete the room and save the kitchen then build another room around it.

 or do we have to use that room template and redesign that in order to be able to enter the competition?

kitty 21d ago
starsector - 21d ago

Hi Kitty, you have to use the template file.  Whenever template contests are done, they are programmed to only accept that file.  You can certainly start over, if you want, using the green "Start Designing" button on the contest.

starsector 21d ago
cuneyt oznur - 21d ago
These designs are great too
cuneyt oznur 21d ago
Valentinapenta - 20d ago

Happy to see another Interprint contest, although I wish its kitchen was rendered in sections - kitchen sink, stove top, & oven + various cabinetry units.  A one wall kitchen presents  limitations to a design.

Theadora - 20d ago

Totally agree with Valentina. I personally would not have a kitchen in my house  as poorly designed as the one presented for this template contest. Won't be participating. 

Theadora 20d ago
Theadora - 20d ago

Btw, Contests should be posted in the green section of the Forum page. 

Theadora 20d ago
cuneyt oznur - 20d ago

hey everybody, are you married?

I have a relationship for many years and we are getting married after 20 days. I'm so happy ...

cuneyt oznur 20d ago
cuneyt oznur - 20d ago

I don't have many friends or even none. I would love to have my bridesmaids at my wedding .. so I wanted to share this good news with you.

cuneyt oznur 20d ago
kitty - 20d ago

@valentinapenta I think the reason the kitchen is pretty basic is because IP aren't kitchen designers or manufacturers. 

I believe they produce laminate printing to use for flowing or facia-No doubt someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

I agree though I find this design challenging as the kitchen needs to be flush against a wall and the shade of wood I find hard to work with a lot of wall and floor colours-however I'm not giving up ...yet!

kitty 20d ago
Valentinapenta - 19d ago

I know, Kitty.  I meant Roomstyler could have rendered separate sections of the kitchen.   Looks like they just put the artisan wood surface on one of their existing kitchens.   I also found it hard to find matching wood pieces  to flesh out my design.  IP's artisan flooring doesn't even  match the  kitchen.  Oh well,  I entered anyway. :)

Theadora - 19d ago

Sorry for the crabby post, wish I could delete it. Basement got flooded (broken water pipe) - need to redo laundry room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, office, library and server room before the end of the month when I head out to Montreal again to visit my daughter....sooo tired....

Prefer to make pretty rooms on Roomstyler! ;D 

Theadora 19d ago
kitty - 19d ago

@Theadora-oh nooo! so sorry to hear that  : ( nightmare!

Still at least you have something to look forward to once its all sorted.

@Valentinapenta-Yes I also was surprised that that none of IP's artisan flooring samples matched the wood of the kitchen cupboards.

Like you I've entered anyway..but for me it was hard to design a room that worked with that wood-because I wanted to design the space around the kitchen..modern didn't work,industrial loft didn't work so I went rustic.

I deleted so many false starts though!

kitty 19d ago
Valentinapenta - 19d ago

I'm sure it's a pain,Theodora.  Good luck.

cuneyt oznur - 15d ago
you are very rude. I write you have a wedding you could at least congratulate
cuneyt oznur 15d ago
cclethbridge - 14d ago

The contest won't let me enter even though I have used the artisan oak. How can i solve this?

cclethbridge 14d ago
Theadora - 14d ago

You have to make your room public (bottom right of your design) before entering the contest.

Theadora 14d ago
kitty - 12d ago

Is this contest being voted for by the community and not IP as in the other IP contests?

kitty 12d ago
Theadora - 12d ago


Voting starts automatically so I think they forgot to manually disable it (like the first IP contest). :)

Theadora 12d ago
kitty - 12d ago

ah ok. X

kitty 12d ago
Nico Langeveld - 12d ago

Accidentally the public voting for this contest wasn't turned off. Our apologies for the confusion!! As usual, Interprint will pick the winners for this contest.

Theadora - 9d ago

@ all members, 

If you do not receive any likes on designs you submit to a contest, please check to make sure it is public.

Theadora 9d ago

Congrats to the winners! A lot of wonderful kitchens. Enjoy the credits.

Theadora - 7d ago

@Nico Langeveld

When someone decides to make a change to their design after submitting it to a contest it seems to automatically become private without the designer realizing this.

My question is: Do designs that are set to private get any consideration from the IP people or are they dismissed even though they are good designs because IP has no access to them?

I did not check all designs but bnu and smunro7's designs are examples.

Theadora 7d ago
starsector - 7d ago

Congratulations Harley!  And to all the other designers!

starsector 7d ago